Fresh “Foliage Wedding Decoration” ideas that are perfect for spring weddings!

Foliage has become almost as covetable as flowers for giving your wedding decor a romantic, modern feel. From cascading eucalyptus and ivy adornments to wreaths of myrtle and swags of fern, foliage is the new flower. Not only does greenery transform the plain to the lavish and lush, but it’s also more cost-friendly than your standard florals that are used widely in wedding decoration in Delhi/NCR.

From loosely draped garlands to statement light fixtures covered in vines, simple greenery can elevate your wedding reception and ceremony decor. This wedding decoration trend is so simple yet so elegant. Who would not love the smell of fresh air thawing from outside. To create an indoor-outdoor feel, simply hang pretty garlands, delicate vines, or leafy branches from the ceiling of your space to give your decor that spring vibes. This is one of the most popular wedding decor ideas and it has been trending in the market. People are getting more inclined towards eco-friendly wedding decoration ideas and foliage decor just fits the bill.

There are so many ways that you can incorporate them into your wedding and beyond for a fresh and simple style. We’ve rounded up 10 gorgeous ways for you to use greenery and save money!


Who wouldn't love to walk down this aisle. It looks beautiful and makes a sterny decor statement.

Foliage Wedding Decoration 1


The pastel flowers in carnation pink, orange and yellows highlight the greenery foliage which makes your guests feel like they are in an ethereal garden.