About Us

What is Fusion ?

Fusion Décor is a forward-leaning, award-winning event decoration company based in New Delhi, India. The décor arm of GetYourVenue Pvt. Ltd, we are one of the few renowned names in the décor industry. We provide decoration services for every event - be it social occasions, ceremonial celebrations, religious functions, or corporate events.

What We Do

Each of our decor projects stimulates the intellect as well as the senses. Our decorations embody a fusion of style and sophistication while offering a highly crafted sense of place. Fusion Décor plans, coordinates and manages the decoration for a variety of events. These include wedding functions (roka, engagement, mehndi, sangeet, cocktail parties wedding), social celebrations (birthdays & anniversaries) as well as corporate and religious events. Be it an indoor or an outdoor event, in the center of Delhi or on the outskirts, in the morning or late at night we deliver fascinating décor concepts that turn any occasion into an unforgettable experience!

What Sets Us Apart

Many a time, our customers have a vague idea about their décor events. Secretly, they wish for someone to turn their décor dreams into a reality - this is where we come in! With an unrestrained yet refined style, we decorate events in such a way that they become the visual stories of the people celebrating there. Fusion Décor not only matches the final decoration with the clients’ vision but surpasses their set expectations. On the other hand, some of our clients are clear about the tone of the event and only need help with the décor specifics. In such cases, we provide them with a customized décor solution that matches their taste, style, preference, and requirement. Either way, Fusion Décor satisfies its customers by transforming personal wishes into memorable experiences, orchestrating every detail with precision and grace. For us, every decoration is an opportunity to polish our craft. We don’t aim for perfection, but for customer satisfaction. And this we achieve, by providing quality service, at affordable rates, that too in the shortest time possible. All this and more is what makes Fusion Décor the best event decorator in Delhi!

How We Stay Ahead

The reason for our success is that we provide reliability, fidelity, and affordability through in-house services. Unlike other event decorators, we do not outsource our work to third-party vendors. For every event we plan and every venue we decorate - we use skilled staff that we train ourselves. Be it decor props, bead lights, floral arrangements, or hand-crafted fabric, every small or large décor item we use is our own. Even the transportation we use for our services belongs to Fusion Décor. At Fusion Décor, you need not be apprehensive about dealing with skeptical third party vendors with questionable backgrounds; neither do you have to worry, about having a small budget. We provide premium service at affordable rates.

Our Vast Infrastructure

Fusion Décor is much more than an event décor company! It’s a coalescence of a large organization consisting of vast infrastructure, a production house, a large workforce, as well as a close-knit family – all of these synchronized with a common oal - to provide our clients with a never-before-seen experience. While our creative department regularly browses the offline and online markets to upgrade our vast portfolio with new concepts, our well-equipped customer response team provides clients with comfort and convenience via round-the-clock support. And with an in- depth experience of the event decor industry, our senior leaders ensure everything goes smoothly and according to plan through extensive checks and regular inspections. This cohesiveness in functioning is what makes Fusion Décor the complete package.

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