We spotted some amazing origami decor in real wedding decor ideas!

Weddings are incomplete without decorations and we have seen different types of decor ideas like for wedding decor - Floral theme wedding decor, vintage theme, rajwada theme, peacock theme, pastel wedding decor theme and for mehndi theme like countryside theme, sundowner theme, rajasthani theme, village theme. For cocktails - Moroccan theme, bohemian theme, candle theme decor etc.

I know you have been eyeing something which is super easy and beautiful enough to amp up your decor. You must be aware of origami which we were taught in our schools. Well, origami is being used in wedding decors. ‚Äč‚ÄčOrigami is very popular for decorating weddings, and it’s not accidental. Putting a crafty, personal spin on your party is as easy as cut, crease, and glue. These super simple, paper-folding projects, which can be completed well ahead of your big day, are fun, festive—and faster than you think!

First of all, you can make any shape and size of your choice. You can use colored papers, printed papers to form the shape of it. Secondly, you can make a lot of paper cranes yourself and save your budget on that easily (or ask your family and friends to do that). Besides, paper cranes are a symbol of happiness for the young couples, isn’t that what they need? Let’s have a look at how to incorporate origami in all kinds and shapes into wedding decor.


Paper Flower in Center Tables

You can make different paper flowers with colored papers and place them over a vase to give it a unique table arrangement.


Origami Paper Globes & Lanterns on Ceilings

Another quirky way to use origami in the Mehendi decor is to mix and match a lot of colourful lanterns and paper globes available in the market. Pick out different colours and designs and lay them together and see how beautiful it goes well together!