30 Scintillating South Indian Wedding Decor Ideas to hop on to for the 2021 wedding!

Have you ever got a chance to witness a South Indian wedding ? Are you planning on hosting a South Indian wedding? Well, if not then you are missing out on some major decor goals. A South Indian style wedding is known for its earthy decor elements and eco friendly feels. There is something about South Indian weddings that just melts our hearts. The South Indian decor is so fresh and eco friendly and gives out such good & pure vibes.

Whenever one talks about a South Indian style wedding decoration our minds immediately shift to marigold and banana leaves decor. But interestingly there are so many decor ideas that beautifully compliments the South Indian style wedding. You will be surprised to see some very unique decor ideas that are so subtle and humble and are incorporated so artistically into South Indian wedding decor. The rustic, earthy and natural elements at South weddings adds a very classic touch to the decor.

We all know that South Indian weddings take place during the day time. The decor for the day time wedding is quite colorful and so the colors used are bright & beautiful. We generally see yellow, orange, green in south indian weddings but we have got fresh and bright decor ideas which are colorful, natural and minimalist decor.

If you’re looking for some classy and minimalist wedding decor inspiration, then save these South Indian wedding decor ideas right away. 


Stage Decor

A stage is very important and the decor has to be done right. This is the place where maximum photos are taken. We have seen some amazing and unique decor ideas for a couple stages.