We spotted idiosyncratic & quirky decor ideas for 2020 wedding fever

Bored of the traditional décor? Want to add some fun and excitement to your wedding décor. We,” Fusion Décor” understand your need and bring you the most unique and quirky wedding décor ideas to spice up the ambiance. 

These simple DIY décor ideas are super cool and quirky. The Internet is flooded with oodles of décor inspirations but we filtered you the best and unique décor ideas which are sure to get you swooning. Browse through the ideas and get inspired.


Vintage Vibe

It is classic, elegant and timeless. The lush greenery, rustic wooden furniture, floral upholstery and fresh colorful flowers make up for a stunning wedding décor. A vintage theme not only pulls off the romanticism of the past but creates a sensitivity that evokes nostalgia.

quirky decor ideas 1

Source The Wedding Design Company


Floral Game On

A floral theme to your wedding can make for such a beautiful and romantic backdrop. The floral decorations on quirky installments like minivans, colorful autos or cycles looks mesmerizing. To add to the WOW factor just add some vintage lamps and lit it up at night. You will be amazed to look how beautiful these wedding décor settings look.

quirky decor ideas 2 

Source Design by PeeraPach


Personalized Napkins

Customize the cute little napkins with super cute quotes, wedding goals, wedding stories or even your wedding hashtag. These are perfect and quirky DIY décor ideas that would give your décor a personal touch.

quirky decor ideas 3

Source The Wedding Salad

PS: We love how these napkins are drenched in bold red color with gold writings. Perfect for a cocktail ceremony, these napkins say it all “DRUNK IN LOVE “


Funky Wedding Sign Boards

A whimsical way of making your wedding decor interesting and worth remembering is by adding fun and interesting wedding sign boards. Just place these signboards wherever you want with funky quotes or couple quotes. These will give your wedding a fun element to be remembered by your guests and loved ones.

quirky decor ideas 4 

Source WedFest


Planning a Theme – Carnival it is

Infuse the western party themes to your wedding. Carnival theme is the perfect theme for cocktail or sangeet night. You can place fairground rides, food booths, sideshows, side stalls and have a fun fair night. We love how this beautiful Ferris Wheel is used as a table centerpiece.

quirky decor ideas 5 

Image Source: Rani pink love


Countryside table arrangements

What better way to use wooden tubs for table centerpieces. Put some bright color flowers with green leaves and baby breath and just place it on the table. This setting is perfect for summer and spring weddings.

quirky decor ideas 6

Image Source With Love, Nilima


Pastel Paper Globes & Umbrellas

Bored of the same old boring fabric ceiling design? Want to have a HATKE ceiling décor? No worries! Use pastel color paper globes and umbrellas and hang them upside down from the ceiling. It will immediately transform the boring setup to a fun affair.

quirky decor ideas 7 

Source: Pinterest


Alice in Wonderland

Using an antique clock to deck up your wedding aisle is an amazing idea. Place some flower petals on the floor along with some antique clock with potted plants. This setting is straight out of a fairy tale.

quirky decor ideas 8 

Source: Pinterest


Dining Game On

Gone are the days where you could only use flowers as center table pieces. These DIY décor ideas are so much fun and quirky. You can play games while you dine and also leave messages for the lovely couple.