Quirky Decor Ideas to Brighten Up Your Wedding Celebrations

If you are someone who believes that minimalism and DIY ideas are boring for your wedding décor, we can prove you wrong. Weddings can be absolute fun if you have your near and dear ones around as well as the perfect wedding décor to set the right mood. We often ignore this fact but décor really plays a huge role in your celebration and can impact every aspect of your celebrations. And to do that you can use elements, quirky ideas and props to make your guests swoon over the décor.


Scroll down to check out some amazing décor ideas to use for your celebrations:


#1 Jazz up the corners with quirky quotes written on a board

Quirky Decor Ideas 1


#2 Lit up the place with the candles or a few scented candles

Quirky Decor Ideas 2


#3 Have you ever thought you could use steel glasses with ribbons for a quirky décor?

Quirky Decor Ideas 3


#4 Create a pretty backdrop with colorful and vibrant tassles

Quirky Decor Ideas 4


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#5 Elevate the ambience with quirky flower vases

Quirky Decor Ideas 5


#6 Create a cozy and comfortable seating area to help relax your kids

Quirky Decor Ideas 6


#7 How about this pretty DIY décor Idea?

Quirky Decor Ideas 7


#8 Make your venue shine with these colorful bulbs strings hanging down the tree

Quirky Decor Ideas 8


#9 Who said kettles can only be used to serve tea?

Quirky Decor Ideas 9


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#10 Use different props to add colors to the venue

Quirky Decor Ideas 10


#11 Don’t forget to décor the tree with pretty elements

Quirky Decor Ideas 11


#12The trunk and the glasses adorned with flowers

Quirky Decor Ideas 12


#13 The pretty hanging props to make your ceiling look the best part of the décor

Quirky Decor Ideas 13


#14 Kettles can make the prettiest corner. Isn’t it?

Quirky Decor Ideas 14


#15 Mehndi cones for the ultimate mehndi décor