Top 5 Breathtaking Backdrops for Hatke & Enchanting Wedding Celebration

Gone are the days when couples liked their wedding to be planned around some luxe and lavish 5-star property. Now, with the availability of resources and lots of trendy backdrop options, millennials want to go for places that set an entirely different ambiance for the mesmerizing look. These backdrops will not just be a perfect addition to the celebration but will also help you create memories to cherish forever. 

If you are wondering what backdrops you must pick, here we are presenting you with the best and trendiest wedding backdrop to choose for your celebrations: 


Jaw-dropping Mountain Backdrop 

If a destination wedding is on your mind, the mountains would become the best backdrop and would make your wedding look aesthetically pleasing. The picturesque backdrop and the fantastic views will add a romantic ambiance to the celebration as well as to your wedding album. So next time you plan your destination wedding, make sure you plan it amidst the mountain for the perfect scenic feels.

Backdrops Wedding Celebration 1


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Poolside Backdrop 

Having your wedding celebrated next to the pool has its own charm. It does not only create a perfect backdrop for the wedding but add pretty hues of blue to the décor that makes everything look subtle yet mesmerizing. So, if that’s what you want for the marriage, we recommend you to pick any 5-star hotel with a poolside area for your wedding. You can also book Satvik by Chhabra Farm in Delhi, which offers a perfect poolside area and serene surrounding for a magical wedding celebration.

Backdrops Wedding Celebration 2


Palace Backdrop for the Royal feel

It is a dream of millions of brides and grooms to get married in a royal style, and there is no better place than royal palaces to do that. Though it might cost you a bit more than booking a hotel for your wedding nuptials, it would be worth it. Castles add grandeur and glamour to your celebration and turn your wedding events into extravagant ceremonies.

Backdrops Wedding Celebration 3


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Courtyard Backdrop 

There is no better place to host your wedding nuptials than planning it in the traditional style at a courtyard. It is an ideal place to plan your wedding, especially if you want your ceremonies to be an intimate affair. Patios also make for a perfect venue for small gatherings. You will surely love the freshness it will bring to your festivities. 

Backdrops Wedding Celebration 4


Beach Backdrop 

And finally comes the most exotic and erotic wedding destination-the beach. The fresh breeze, the jaw-dropping views, and the exquisite surrounding make the beach the most preferred backdrop for wedding celebrations. Being one of the most tranquil places to plan your wedding, you should pick a beach as your wedding backdrop. You can also take the help of our wedding planners at GetYourVenue to plan the wedding.

Backdrops Wedding Celebration 5


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