Scintillating Roka Ceremony Decor Ideas to Drool Over

Weddings are sacred religious ties not only between the bride and the bridegroom but also their families. The wedding celebrations in India begin with the Roka ceremony, which is considered as a formal beginning of relationships between two families to secure their commitment in the process. But what makes your Roka ceremony more pleasing and exciting is the décor. Use trendy elements and décor theme that adds a charismatic charm to the venue and make it look scintillating and pleasing to eyes. Don’t know how? We have got your back!

Scroll down to check some eye-catchy and fun décor ideas to for your Roka ceremony:


Kick start your Roka ceremony with adorable signage boards with personalized hashtags.

Roka Ceremony Decor Ideas 1


Add your picture to make for the oomph factor.

Roka Ceremony Decor Ideas 2


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Set ambassador for your wedding like these pretty pink flamingos!

Roka Ceremony Decor Ideas 3


Let your guests walk in through this elegant floral entryway.

Roka Ceremony Decor Ideas 4


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Go for these floral strings or light strings to add charm to the venue.