Elephant Decor Details for The Perfect Extravagant Wedding

Indian weddings are huge, extravagant celebrations and wedding décor artists are always looking for elements that add to the elegance and grandeur of the event. One of the décor elements that has been used in Indian weddings is an elephant. Several reasons make it a perfect décor element. This giant beast stands as a symbol of power and is also considered very auspicious in Indian culture. Its amazing appeal and show of strength make it perfectly suitable to be showcased as a wedding décor element. Wedding décor specialists have simply outdone themselves by coming up with amazing ideas that add grace and style to the “do.” 

Right from actual elephants guarding the venue entrance to larger than life floral installations, there are innumerable ways to add elephant theme to your overall wedding décor. Here, we bring you some of the most carefully curated ideas that are sure to appeal to your senses and make your wedding venue look stunningly beautiful. 



Life-Size Installations

You can place life-size elephant installations on both sides of the entrance gate to the venue. It will look striking and elegant while at the same time adding auspicious connotations to the event. You can go for metal, wooden, or floral installations as per your taste and choice. Fresh floral installations also look nice and add to the charm of the venue. Installing an elephant at the entrance is one of the ways to seek blessings of the harbinger of good fortune, Lord Ganesha, the Lord of Elephants. Use the colour that complements overall décor of wedding venue imparting a streamlined look!

Elephant Decor 1

Image Source: Devika Narain and Company


Elephant Decor 2

Image Source: Abhinav Bhagat Events


Impressive Wedding Card Boxes

Get customized wedding card boxes made with two giant elephants on two corners seeming to welcome the guests to this auspicious occasion. It is a good and blessed beginning for many Indian families who want everything to be just perfect for the occasion. 

Elephant Decor 3

Elephant Decor 4


A Dash of Royalty

You can also go with an elephant décor theme as a unique décor element used just to add a dash of magnificence and royalty. Metallic or floral elephants in gracing the Delhi wedding venue in innumerable ways can enhance the visual appeal of the venue leaving your guests awe-struck with its sheer brilliance and grandeur.

Elephant Decor 5

Elephant Decor 6


Adorable Table Centerpieces

You can also go an extra mile with your elephant décor theme and bring spirituality and auspiciousness to the event. Go for a dainty elephant table centerpiece with lovely blooms to add colour to the venue, elephant detailed chairs for the couple, or elephant printed chair covers to add elegance to the venue décor. Such lovely details are sure to steal your guests’ hearts.

Elephant Decor 6



Cute Elephant-shaped Place Cards

You can also cute little place cards cut in an elephant shape sitting daintily on the table helping your guests to find their place in the banquet. You can unleash your creativity and add a few phrases that speak about the significance of elephant in Indian culture and mythology and why it is considered as auspicious.