Amazing & Cost-Effective tips for your office party decoration

We all know how important it is to work and at the same time enjoy doing what you do. To have such an ambiance and to see that all your co-worker enjoy their time, it is required to have some fun while you work. Let’s face it at times during parties; people awkwardly discuss work projects for 30 minutes before they head back to their cubicles rather than enjoying it.

A well-organized office party can build camaraderie among coworkers and re-energize the team. As the official office party planner, you have a big job. Your primary objective is to create an environment where your co-workers stop talking about work and start interacting as friends. Pulling this off requires some very careful planning with good food, amazing music, party games and of course the décor. Décor not only sets the mood but also helps to ease out a person. Sitting in the closed cubicle for almost what feels like ages becomes frustrating at times. So, a stylish setting full of color, life and inspiration leads to a happy, healthy work environment for your team members to thrive in.

To help you with the tall task of planning, we’ve listed down decoration ideas for your office party. It’s time to spice up your corporate office for some fun office party. But before we begin, never forget the golden rules for office parties…

  1. Your boss is still your boss.
  2. “One more shot” should not be the slogan at office party
  3. “Monday Blues”: Remember, you’re going to have to go back to the office!


Here are quite simple but straightforward DIY’s for office party decorations:


# Host the party inside your office

Let’s just not forget how expensive an outdoor venue or any lounge can get. They charge you a hefty amount and may misbalance the company fund. Hosting the party inside your office allows cutting down the venue rental cost to zero. It would also save employees time to travel down to the venue and they would be able to enjoy it till late.

Office Party Decor 1


#Use colorful balloons

You must be thinking why to use balloons to decorate your office when you can use fabric, props and get the stage installed. Balloons are the most inexpensive décor element that can be used to cut down cost. Everyone loves balloon decoration as it adds colors to the ambiance. You can select primary to bright colors to give a youthful look to your office party.

Office Party Decor 2


#Use local décor vendors instead of event planners

You do not need to hire a full décor/event company to organize for your office party decorations. Event planners charge huge agency fees with hidden charges. They bring huge installations and would charge you for transportation of furniture, lights and props. On the other hand, a local décor vendor can ease out your work and plan out the decorations using balloons. They will bring the small team to do the job which would save you so much money and time.

Office Party Decor 3


#Choose a theme

For any office party decoration, a unique theme is required. Select a theme that matches your company’s brand as well as it should be cost effective. You may use décor props which you can ask the co-workers to make and give them prizes for the best one out of the lot. In this way you will cut down the investment and also in a way engage your colleagues.

Office Party Decor 4


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#Use office furniture intelligently

Why to hire furniture from the outdoors when you can use office furniture. Offices have different types for furniture for employees, guests, cafeterias etc. Remove all the unnecessary furniture from the party place in your office. Intelligently place floor mats, make a lounge with sofas and place the chairs with flower vases to create an amazing place for a party.

Office Party Decor 5

Office parties are absolutely amazing and fun. It requires creativity and time as well as funds. Hope this DIY’s for office party decorations comes in handy for your next party and you are all set to rock and roll.

Do leave a comment below to add more tips and ideas. We would love to read ‘em all.


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