Wedding Decoration Ideas-Check Out 9 Refreshing Styles

When it comes to Indian Weddings, it is usually a no-holds-barred show for the enthusiastic couple, parents, and relatives. We have come across a lot of dazzling wedding décor ideas like flowers, candles, lights, and whatnot. If you are looking for something truly distinctive and a class apart, check out 9 refreshing styles that will add a new character to your wedding decoration ideas. 


Off-beat wedding décor ideas that leave you awestruck

When it comes to wedding décor, Fusion Décor stops at nothing. Here is some splendid and unique decor for small weddings that are sure to work well with your décor style. 


The innocence of White and Grace of Gold

Wedding Decoration Refreshing Ideas 1

Image Source: Shawna Yamamoto Designs

 Both white and gold colours have unique elegance. Go with white and gold themed decors and add purity and innocence along with a dash of dazzle to the “do.” Go with white fresh flowers tied together with a golden bow, decorate tables with an elegant white tablecloth that comes with golden detailing and more. 


Themed Décor Ideas

Wedding Decoration Refreshing Ideas 2

Image Source: Tanvi and Co

Whenever you are unable to choose a wedding décor idea, play safe and go with themed wedding decorsOnce the theme of the wedding is fixed, décor elements quickly fall into place.


Vibrant Wedding Décor

Wedding Decoration Refreshing Ideas 3

Image Source: The A-Cube Project

If you love everything Greek, Mykonos themed mehndi décor is an idea just meant for you. Magnificent bougainvillea in all its glory makes the entrance to the venue. The place where the bride sits for her mehendi decorated with bright blue cushions and settee with vibrantly-coloured florals all around.


Minimalism is the key

Wedding Decoration Refreshing Ideas 4

Image Source: Amy Champagne Events

If you like things simple and subtle and you are a true nature lover, choose eco-friendly decorations and go for a lot of flowers, lights hanging from tree branches, drums to store drinks and more touches here and there. 


Flowy and cascading décor elements

Wedding Decoration Refreshing Ideas 5

You can add a lot of vibrancy and light to your wedding venue by going with a canopy of cascading décor where you can use fresh flowers, tea lights, and more cascading from the ceiling and creating a beautiful canopy. 


Japanese Art of Origami

Wedding Decoration Refreshing Ideas 6

Image Credits: House Of Pixels

If you love things colourful and bright all around, explore paper flower decor for weddingsExperts can quickly create lovely pieces of paper flower décor in every vibrant colour, shape, style, and design possible. 


Make Your Tables a Focal Point

Wedding Decoration Refreshing Ideas 7

You can make your tables a focal point with lovely and creatively unique centrepiece ideas. A lovely ensemble of flowers with a cute tea light or fruits cut in amazing shapes with tea lights cozily sitting within them and a lot more ideas can make your table look classy and elegant to the core.


Hangings in Unimaginable Variety