Upside Down Hanging Baskets- An Insta-Worthy Ceiling Decor Option

The wedding is one of the most significant events in the life of a couple and they don’t leave any stone unturned to make this a glitzy affair. But, if you are looking forward to some natural touch to the “do”, you can use the fresh concept of upside-down hanging baskets to decorate the venue ceilings. Fresh blooms have always been a lot more than some showy centerpieces and bouquets to deck up the venue. It has now paved way for beautiful and stunning-looking wedding ceiling decoration ideas which are sure to wow your guests with garden-fresh glamour. 


Some intriguing upside-down hanging baskets décor ideas


Here, we have curated a few ceiling décor inspirational ideas that are sure to grab your attention. An eclectic blend of fairy lights, fresh blooms and foliage, tassels and many other unique and the best ceiling wedding décor ideas that can create a lovely vision for your wedding.


A Stunning Canopy

Ceiling Décor Ideas 1

Why don’t you make incredible use of flowers like roses, Wisteria, willow branches, and hydrangeas to create a floral canopy? When the bride takes a firm but reassured step towards her future beneath this floral canopy, it seems Gods are showering their blessings on her! It is one of the unique ceiling décor ideas that are quite in vogue among venue décor experts.


Tassel baskets in multiple hues

Ceiling Décor Ideas 2

Another lovely idea that may appeal to your sense of style and décor is going with Tassel baskets ceiling décor ideas. Use multiple-hued tasseland hang them from the ceiling along with some fairy lights to give colorful reflections below.


Ceiling Vines

Ceiling Décor Ideas 3

Another breathtakingly beautiful décor idea is to go for hanging vines along with purest white-colored wisteria which is perfect for outdoor ceiling decor idea. It looks lovely, classy and elegant all rolled into one. Add a few white-colored, flowy drapes and it turns out to be the best white drape ceiling décor idea.


Hanging Leis

Ceiling Décor Ideas 4

Another way to stun your guests with the sheer beauty of the venue is by going with hanging flowers like roses, ferns, anemones, wisteria, carnations, etc., centerpieces hanging upside down at the outdoor venue. 


Verdant foliage in cane baskets

Ceiling Décor Ideas 5

If you are a true nature lover, use cane baskets tightly filled with lustrous green ferns and it will look pretty cool, especially as a destination wedding décor idea. For added measure, go for some vibrantly-coloured tassels on cane baskets to make it look lovelier than ever. 


Fairy Lights with Thick Foliage

Ceiling Décor Ideas 6

If you wish to light up the area without losing the natural look of the venue, use fairy lights or light bulbs in an inverted cane basket along with a lot of blooms and foliage to give a spectacular and romantic look to the area.


Hang upside-down hanging baskets in a bunch

Ceiling Décor Ideas 7

It is another of our many stunning venue décor ideas that will create a lovely ambiance befitting an extravagant affair. A bunch of upside-down cane baskets with a blend of fresh flowers and dense foliage can also add more awe to the venue looks. 


Swimming Pool Decor

Ceiling Décor Ideas 8

If you are holding a cocktail party close to the swimming pool, work to make it the focal point of your décor efforts. Cover the swimming pool decor with strings of flowers and baskets filled with ferns interspersed with colourful fairy lights. The reflection of light in the water will create a beautiful ambiance that is sure to leave your guests awestruck.


We have come up with these lovely and latest ceiling décor ideas to help you give a spellbinding look to your venue décor and make it look more enthralling and exciting than ever!


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