#Trending: Top 10 best haldi & mehndi decor ideas suggested by wedding decorators in Delhi!

There are endless decor setups doing rounds on the internet but the aura of timeless mehndi decor ideas is unmatched. It goes without saying that the Haldi ceremony brings life to a wedding celebration. Then how can we expect its decor to be old-fashioned, dull and boring? Think drapes, exotic blooms, or gold accents for a dash of freshness. These sunshine-theme decor ideas suggested by wedding decorators in Delhi will easily complement the aesthetics of your home and set the perfect mood.

We’ve been on our toes to make sure your mehendi ceremony is an enthralling one and becomes the new talk of the town. And Oh, you needn’t worry about how all of that is gonna happen. We’ve scratched out the most amazing mehendi decor themes with the help of wedding decorators in Delhi for you to take your dose of inspiration from.  They’re new, quirky and surely something you don’t see very often. Be it a nautical spree or a beachy fiesta, every theme is sure to make your friends and family go, “WOW!”

Read on & get inspired to give this timeless theme (with a modern twist) a NOD for your revelries.


Pottery Theme 

Feeling blue? Well then one look at this reception decor is gonna wash away all your blues! Yep, this decor that we came across blew our minds, and there was so much freshness to it that we just had to feature it! This Jaipuri Blue Pottery inspired from the lovely palaces of Rajasthan used a lot of lovely blue pottery motifs, blue pottery vases, and highlighted by soft pink and green florals, to give the entire event a pop of color.


Boho Theme

The Boho Theme is trending and is seen everywhere on social media. It is the most loved mehndi & haldi decor theme idea of our wedding decorators. It is attractive and aesthetic with light pastel colors, different props and an indo-western touch. You can add coloured tyres or hang potted plants. Be sure to use light colors though!


Carnival Theme

This striking theme is for all those brides who want her guests to be buzzing. You can opt for any particular movie, book or theme of your liking for a pop culture themed mehendi. As outrageous as it sounds, this theme will help you have a mehendi function like no other. You guys, this haldi decor theme is so fun that you will be hailed as the ‘bride of the year’ by your guests.