#Trending: Unique Mehndi Decor Ideas with Bangle Decor

We are always looking for some unique Indian wedding decor ideas. Being the ultimate trendspotters, we've always been on our toes to introduce you with the freshest of wedding trends that can amp up the look & feel of your wedding. There are so many unique decor ideas flooding the market but when it comes to mehendi decor ideas , we always think of something which is unique, fun, quirky, colorful and relatable.

 Bangles and Mehendi function - we cannot think of a better combination at weddings. Bangles are a personal favorite part for every bride as they add instant charm to their Mehendi laden hands. The beautiful dainty hoops add a charm to your mehendi decor. There are many offbeat ways to use bangles to spice up regular decor like putting them as installations in the background, using them as centrepieces for your table arrangements, incorporating mehndi bangles for your mandap decor, etching them to the ceilings to add more glam to the whole ambience and what not.

We're here again to kick-in some inspiration on how you can incorporate bangle decor in your wedding decor in different and varied ways.


How about decorating your seat with some background bangle decor


Have your ever seen a bangle decor chandelier