Top 10 Trendy & Quirky Engagement Plate Designs you have never seen before

All of us want to experience the moment of “She Said Yes” or “He Said Yes”. Who doesn’t? Being engaged and having to spend the rest of the life together is a very special feeling. To bind them together, couples exchange rings. Rings are nowadays placed in some beautifully crafted trays, ring holders, ring platter as you may call it. Choosing the right engagement plate designs is very important as it adds charm to your wedding stationary. Hence, you've gotta make sure that it is every bit unique and stands out, and most-importantly looks pretty.

There are many engagement ring holders to opt for. Right from the beautifully crafted wooden trays, to the ones curated with succulents and exotic flowers, there is variety of them out in the stores. They feature gorgeous and unique designs and patterns that are meant to make your engagement rings look even more attractive! They are elegant, one of a kind and true displays of style that will create quite an impression upon your partner!

Confused already? Need not worry!!! We have got your back. We spotted some quirky, uber cool and stunning engagement plates and holders. These are the most beautiful and uniquely crafted trays and we are sure you will swipe right to most of them. Scroll down till the end to see the beautiful ring holders!


Vintage Succulent Glass Ring Holder

This delicate pastel succulent glass ring holder is mesmerizing. This is one of the best options for couples who do not like big fancy trays.

Trendy Quirky Engagement Plate Designs 1


Terrarium Metal Box

The pastel crepe paper flower with leaves inside this terrarium metal box is a super cute idea for an engagement ring holder

Trendy Quirky Engagement Plate Designs 2


Enchanted Glass Ring Box

Doesn't this cutesy glass ring box filled with antique flowers make you say 'I Do' too? 

Trendy Quirky Engagement Plate Designs 3


Vintage Bewitched Engagement Ring Tray

This garden theme ring tray is so soothing to the eyes. The tray is decorated with green garden grass with pink flowers and it looks straight out of a fairytale.

Trendy Quirky Engagement Plate Designs 4


Quirky & Uber Cool Superhero Ring Holder

Is your partner a DC or Marvel Fan? So why miss a chance to impress where you can totally blow his/her mind by having a cartoon character or a superhero as a ring bearer.

Trendy Quirky Engagement Plate Designs 5


Countryside Engagement Ring Platter

The silver/bronze plate with these pink flowers accompanied with baby breaths are completely winning us over. 

Trendy Quirky Engagement Plate Designs 6


Wooden basket with Pines

What a brilliant idea to use a wooden basket filled with pine cones and leaves as an engagement ring holder.

Trendy Quirky Engagement Plate Designs 7


Terrarium with Pizza Platter

Dainty, adorable and completely one of a kind, this amazing and gorgeous little jewelry holder has got to be one of the most attractive manner of displaying your precious engagement or wedding rings!

Trendy Quirky Engagement Plate Designs 8


Princess Carriage Ring Holder

This cute carriage ring holder defines elegance and royalty.

Trendy Quirky Engagement Plate Designs 9


LED Light Ring Shape Platter

How cool it is to add LED light to a circular cutout and adorned it with flowers and ring box. It is just the right pick for all you 2020 couples.

Trendy Quirky Engagement Plate Designs 10

Hope you have stumbled upon your personal favorite!! We love all these unique engagement ring plate designs. Do let us know in the comments below which one do you love.


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