Throw a Flamboyant Cocktail Party With Attractive Cocktail decor themes

Are you planning to throw an uber-cool cocktail party? If yes, check out ways that can give a flamboyant look to your party. Choose some of the best cocktail décor themes that help you create a perfect ambiance for the party. Whether this party is a part of the wedding reception or pre-wedding bash, or right before or after a festival, it is basically coming together of friends, relatives, and well-wishers. Thus, it is important that every guest feels at ease and is ready to enjoy and have loads of fun. Here, we bring you a well-curated list of some of the most happening cocktail décor themes that is sure to make your party one of the most talked-about “do’s” in the town.


Add a Rustic Touch

If you are planning an outdoor cocktail party, you can add a rustic touch to the cocktail party theme. Place barrels full of vibrantly-coloured flowers interspersed with fairy lights for a unique touch.

cocktail decor themes 1


 Beach Look

Decorate your bar with nautical décor items like compass, anchor and more with a backdrop suggesting a beach look.

 cocktail decor themes 2


Hang Banners

You can hang multi-hued banners from the ceiling to add a colourful look to the bar. Colors bring cheer and joy to the ambiance helping guests to chill and have a good time. 

cocktail decor themes 3 


Cotton Candy Theme

Decorate your bar and the surrounding area in a cotton candy theme. You can add cotton candies in wine glasses with delightful straws. It will add a lot of vibrancy to the ambiance.

cocktail decor themes 4


 Vintage Look

Add a vintage look to the bar with some classic and vintage-look furniture. Ask your guests to dress up in retro costumes and enjoy the theme. 

cocktail decor themes 5


 Quirky Cocktail Bar

Decorate the cocktail with quirky and eclectic décor items like pots and pans in diverse colours and add a dash of colour to the bar.