Quirky Wedding Decoration Ideas for Some Personal Touch

If you wish to make your wedding a fun and exciting affair for you and your guests, give free reins to your imagination and add some quirky touches to the do. One of the ways that can help you add your personal stamp on the celebrations is some interesting and exciting wedding décor ideas.

Here, we bring you some stage decoration ideas for wedding that can help you show off your personality and make it exciting and interesting for the guests.


An Interesting backdrop for an interesting photograph

Wedding Decoration Ideas 1

Clicking pictures along with the bride and the groom is one of the most integral parts of any wedding. Give a break to the bride and groom with constant smiling and posing by going for a live couple backdrop in the photobooth installed in the corner of the stage with the couple giving their nicest and quirkiest pose. You can get your picture clicked with the couple and will always have fond memories of their remarkable pose.


Hanging Cane baskets with thick foliage

Wedding Decoration Ideas 2

Instead of going with the same age-old décor elements, go for something new and interesting. Ask your venue expert to get a lot of cane baskets tightly filled with fresh blooms or foliage and hang them upside down to give a unique look to the ceiling. If you wish to make it more interesting, you can also hang multi-coloured, stunning looking paper designs or origami from the ceilings.


Blessings and Wishes

Wedding Decoration Ideas 4

Create a lovely corner on the stage with a lot of fresh blooms and place a table with some cards and marker pens. Your guests can leave you some lovely blessings and wishes and might also give you some naughty and hilarious wishes. Instead of wishing you aloud, writing them on a piece of paper means keeping them safe with you to be cherished and remembered again and again.


Go Nautical with your decorations

Wedding Decoration Ideas 4

If you are looking forward to organizing a nautical-themed wedding, go for the whitest white open stage with white and pale blue color drapes along with white carnations and orchids adding to the stage décor. Place a few knick-knacks close by like an anchor, ship’s steering wheel, a sailor’s knot, or a lighthouse to make it a perfect nautical themed stage décor.


Illuminated Stage

Wedding Decoration Ideas 5

How about covering the whole stage with twinkling lights all around? The reflection of the light will create romantic ambiance, perfect for the couple exchanging rings and marital vows. The reflection of light playing on their face will make it look aglow with happiness.


Go Back in Time with a Disco Theme

Wedding Decoration Ideas 6

If the couple is a die-hard fan of all the songs and danced from the Disco Era of 80s, why not create a stage that reminds them of their favourite music time? A stage with a lot of disco lights, eager guests to groove on the stage and some amazing, foot-tapping disco beats playing in the background will make the stage come alive with amazing energy.

Wedding is undoubtedly about new and auspicious beginnings but by adding a few quirky ideas, it can be made an interesting, exciting and joyous event for everyone involved….creating some lovely memories to be treasured forever!



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