Sweep him off his feet by using these 9 birthday party Decoration Ideas at Home

Your other half is with you through thick-and-thin. On his birthday this year, make him feel extra special by doing something different; just to surprise him and catch him unawares.

birthday party Decoration Ideas


  1. A lovely birthday message on the gate with a red-carpet welcome home. You generally tend to wish your loved ones on their birthdays, within the four confines of your home. This time, do it differently. Put up a heart-felt ‘Thank you’ and ‘Love You’ message on the gate for the world to see. It would catch him off-guard. As he opens the gate, have a typical red carpet laid out for him to reach the doorstep. You can also hire a birthday decorator in Delhi to shower flower petals on him as he enters through the gate to given him a grand welcome.

  2. Fill your living room with NEON-lit balloons that glow in the dark. As soon as he enters through the main door, with the lights switched off, he will be left astounded with the preparations and the thought behind it all.

  3. Helium balloons with photos attached. If you have been together for some time now, there would certainly be some good memories that have been captured through the lens of a camera. Take the photos out and have them printed. Ask your birthday party decorator to get lots of helium balloons to your place. Attach one photo to each balloon, fill them up with gas and let them cover every inch of the ceiling of your room. As soon as he opens the door, the sight will get etched forever in his memories.

  4. Give him the surprise of his life by decorating your home creatively. Do up the walls, ceilings, floors – each corner of your home with photos, balloons, colourful ribbons, plants, birthday caps, flowers, candles and other possible decorative items to transform the look completely.

  5. Make it a romantic surprise for him. In the bedroom, put red coloured heart-shaped balloons everywhere – paste some on the walls, let free some on the floors. Use perfumed candles or burn a romantic oil, spread rose petals across your bed, put up some starry-eyed photos in the background to complete the look.

  6. Use lights to wow him. Fairy lights, white upturned umbrellas over the lights, lit lanterns and other similar décor ideas for birthday party decoration can be used to create that everlasting impression on him.

  7. Go traditional - Instead of balloons and modern lights, you can use the traditional Indian diyas, tea-light candles and flowers to greet him on his birthday this year. This will surely be something that he would not expect, catching him completely by surprise.

  8. Organise a champagne party at home. Call his besties. Decorate the entire place with the usual decorative items like balloons, ribbons. Make it colourful, add confetti balloons, keep the cake ready, have a background music playing and startle with everyone wishing at the same time.

  9. Use balloons to create a gigantic heart on the walls of bedroom and write the three letter words with letter-balloons and literally sweep him off his feet.


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