Quick & Easy-to-do Décor Ideas for your Mehndi & Nuptials

Wedding nuptials is undoubtedly the super fun, thrilling, and most-awaited ceremonies of any wedding. Since these ceremonies mostly get witnessed by your close friends and family, we must try to give it a personal touch by adding elements to the decor that best define your personality and style. So if you are also someone who is thinking to do the décor for your wedding ceremonies like Haldi, mehndi, or sangeet, we have some quick and easy DIY décor ideas that you must consider doing to jazz up the vibe and overall ambiance of the celebration.


DIY Décor Ideas to make your celebration stand out

Wedding celebrations nowadays are witnessing more than just genda fool, balloons, ribbons, or drapes. Every mehndi or sangeet ceremony you become a part of surprises you with many amazing elements. All you need to do is to use your creativity and come up with ideas that can offer you the outcome results you always had for your nuptials.


Colorful kettles with vibrant colors and prints 

If you are looking for that perfect centerpiece for the tables, Kettles would make a perfect choice. The fun part is that you can do so much with the kettle. You can write a quirky quote, color it, make designs or just write the names of the guests for reservation; the choice is all yours.


Floral conical arrangements

A DIY décor idea, the floral conical arrangement is not just uber-cool but truly helps to make your décor stand out in every way possible. Hang them with the strings of light and you will be amazed by the results.


Kathputli (Puppets) to add traditional vibes

A perfect element to add to your mehndi or sangeet celebration, Rajasthani Kathputlis, are another trendy element that you can consider making for your décor. You can find many tutorials on Youtube to make the Kathputlis yourself.


Create a photo wall to share your journey of love

How about creating a photo wall that explains your love story? Like just create a wall of pictures from your first date, proposal, pre-wedding shoots, bachelorette party, or coffee dates.


Bring old trunks to life and jazz up space

A perfect element to fill the empty corners, old trunks would make a perfect pick to elevate the space. All you need to do is to collect some old trunks and paint them the way you want. Just pile them up or try adding some other elements!


Super-fun to make Origami Cranes

We have seen a string of florals, lights, bulbs, and whatnot. But did it ever cross your mind to create a string of Origami Cranes? If not, search it on Google and try making some for your décor. You can make them in as many colors as you want. They are super easy to make and so much fun too.


Painted bottles for a perfect backdrop

Well, believe it or not, but your guests will swoon over this amazing backdrop wall décor idea. The best thing about this backdrop design is that it is so quick to make. You need some waste bottles, colors of your choice and a brush. Ta-da!