Go with the new & unique desert theme for a Scintillating Wedding Decor!

The best decorators in Delhi have come up with these unique decor ideas which have never been seen on any Indian weddings in India so far. This decor theme is suitable for a winter wedding and would also totally depend on the venue location. For people choosing their destination wedding location to be Jaipur or Udaipur instead of any city or hilly areas can definitely go with this theme decor. Even without an epic desert venue, you can still be inspired by the stark landscape.

The desert is proving hot in more ways than one. Besides its high temperatures, it's also stealing the spotlight in the wedding style. It may not initially sound like the most romantic place to tie the knot, or host a wedding but there is something undeniably beautiful about the arid charm of barren land and marrying your soulmate in the middle of nowhere. Who would not want to get married amidst sunset-colored mountains, an endless night sky peppered with all the constellations, and prickly, decadent cactus scenery!

The unique idea of incorporating this theme was to break the monotony of the same theme being used again and again in weddings. This decor theme has a unique vibe which is so fascinating. The color palette for this wedding decor theme is quite interesting. You can either go bold and bright with maroon, royal blue or even dark shades of green or opt for subtle warm and dusky shades like grey, sage green, mustard etc.

The dessert theme decorations also come with a lot of wedding decor accessories like boho or tribal touches, such as Navajo patterns, Moroccan cushion seating or lanterns, or eclectic textiles. If you are up for experimenting you can host your cocktail decor with elements like longhorn skulls or leather accents. But the real heart of a desert-inspired wedding is in its flora. How can you not incorporate cactus in your decor when talking about the desert theme. Cactus is the perfect wedding element and can be used in more than just one way. You can use a backdrop of cactus plants. You can create your table arrangements with cactus floral arrangements, pot them as bookends to the altar or ceremony aisle, or arrange them across reception tables to fashion a runner centerpiece.

For a sweeter touch, there's no denying the allure of succulents, whether you use them as centerpieces, boutonnières, escort cards, or even wedding favors (ones that your guests will actually keep!). For a more subtle touch, pampas grass and desert cattails have a more rugged nature with a rustic vibe while protea, the desert's most beautiful flower, brings a romantic twist.

We compiled a list of our favorite desert-themed decor details that are more than hot.