Pampas Grass- Find the diverse uses of this Ornamental Grass in Your Decor

Pampas Grass, also widely known as ornamental grass is one of the best elements that you can use to jazz up the décor. Especially, if you are looking for the western wedding feels, this would make a great choice for your décor. Using these white-toned grasses will take you back to the vintage times and would perfectly complement any modern décor theme. For the best results, make sure you use them with subtle hues like pastel pinks, and nude colors. Believe it or not but using pampas grass in your decor will immediately elevate the overall mood and ambiance of the wedding.

To get more ideas on how to use pampas grass to elevate your wedding décor, scroll down below and make your wedding stand out:

A gorgeous yet subtle Giant Wreath for the perfect stage setup

perfect stage setup 1


Get the exotic backdrops using the fanciful white-toned pampas grass!