Bookmark these Mandap decors for your dreamy wedding in 2021

Marriages are a grand affair and to make them successful, you need to pay keen attention to all the details. One such part of the wedding that catches the most attention in any wedding is the mandap. After all, it is the place you take the pheras with the love of your life and exchange vows to begin a new life. And since it holds such great value in a marriage, it has to look extraordinary and dreamy just as you always imagined it to be. 

So if you are planning to host your wedding any time soon, we have some amazing choices of mandap décors that you must consider for your wedding in 2021. 


The mystical nature’s retreat décor for your mandap 

Embellished with brimming flowers in multiple hues and lush leaves, this mandap is a wonderful choice for your day wedding. Adorned with flowy drapes, you would love this décor for the dash of freshness it adds to the overall celebration. 

Mandap decors wedding in 2021 1


Enormous Canopy mandap décor 

When it comes to mandap décor, nothing looks better than the traditional canopy mandap décor. The usage of string lights, chandeliers, and drapes adds a great aesthetic to the décor and makes a perfect setting for your night weddings. 

Mandap decors wedding in 2021 2


The eco-friendly mandap decoration 

Believe it or not, the magic this eco-friendly minimally designed mandap creates is simply unbeatable. It is not just an ideal pick for your sustainable wedding but will also add a surreal touch to your décor. The mandap adorned with banana leaves, marigold flowers, and bamboo would surely make your venue shine. 

Mandap decors wedding in 2021 3


The larger-than-life floral cutout mandap décor 

It is one such décor that will instantly catch the attention of all your guests and would leave them spellbound with its beauty. The beautifully designed cutouts and the vibrant colors of this décor will add a whole new charm and magic to your venue making it the best choice for your wedding. 

Mandap decors wedding in 2021 4


Open Mandap with exquisite floral arrangements

Open Mandap has its charm and looks wonderful when executed beautifully with pretty floral arrangements. This mandap décor is perfect for your day celebration. The ombre floral suspension adds a surreal touch to the overall look of the venue. 

Mandap decors wedding in 2021 5


Canopy adorned with cascading roots ideal for evening nuptials 

If you are looking for a rustic yet trendy mandap décor, this one will win your heart. The best thing about this mandap décor is that it will fit within your budget and will add a romantic and cozy touch to your overall celebration.

Mandap decors wedding in 2021 6

So wait no more and give your wedding a whole new look with these extraordinary mandap decors. Your guests would surely swoon over these impressive mandap decors. Don’t forget to bookmark them and contact our décor experts at the Fusion décor to get the mandap of your dreams. Our décor squad would surely come up with exquisite designs and would ensure all your décor related wishes get fulfilled.