Top 5 Trendiest Colors for 2020 That You Must Keep in Mind

Wedding Décor has evolved over the years and every year it becomes the most sought after thing at the wedding. While some people like their wedding to be grandeur, others like to keep it simple. The enchanting ambiance, shamiyanas, and the pretty looking genda phools, the whole vibe of the wedding takes you to another world. But one of the major changes that we have seen recently in the wedding is the choice of the color palette picked by the couples. In 2020, we have noticed some bright and vibrant colors that add boho vibes and elegance to the celebration.

So, if you are wondering what these colors are, here we present you with the best 5 trendy and unique colors for your wedding in the year 2020. Check them out and pick the one that best suits your style:


#1. Exotic Purple 

Voguish and refreshing in look, purple makes your décor look perfect. So leave pink and pastel colors for the old school and go for this exotic and attractive looking décor set up. Whether you incorporate this color to the decorative elements, florals or drapes, this color will do complete justice to the décor.

Trendiest Colors 2020 (1)

Trendiest Colors 2020 (1-1)