50 Whimsical Intimate Wedding Decor Ideas for 2021-22 Wedding Season!

We see a lot of couples planning an intimate wedding due to restrictions, while keeping everyone's health & safety on priority. Intimate wedding celebrations brought on by global social guidelines are undoubtedly being embraced quite popularly with the new norm. Though the venues are slowly starting to roll, if you've already planned to host an intimate wedding at home, we're sure you must be in a dilemma as to 'how to decorate' it! Intimate weddings need not compromise on the grandeur and elegance of your dream wedding. There are an endless number of simple marriage decoration ideas, numerous wedding decor themes that will help you make the best of your wedding. You may be able to take some inspo but how about we bring you some real life intimate wedding decor ideas that are super classy and beautiful. 

Intimate wedding decor or home decorations may be tricky due to space restrictions but you can use your garden and hallway in a manner that you could not even imagine. You can do customised cabana seating for the pheras or any other function, allowing for each family/couple to have their own sanitised space while maintaining social distance with the other guests. In this way the space will also look decked up and the safety is also maintained. 

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You can also assemble chairs around the mandap area and can also be curtained individually. Avoiding heavy structures and having more airy and breathable open space layouts with good ventilation is going to be important. You can also use more locally produced materials to cut down your costs and inclusions of florals and more natural greens into the décor also help to keep it as natural as possible. A great alternative to a traditional throne or chair seating, a decorative swing makes for a lovely focal point for a Mehndi function.Use your inhouse greenery as a backdrop for all which makes it a fully prepped decorative area which simply needs no more addition to it! Trim every nook and corner of your house with beautiful props and planters to brighten up your wedding shenanigans. 

We need to look at this more optimistically and can take this opportunity to implement the ideas that we have been wanting to execute but unable to since our wedding crowds have always been large. We can use many DIY decor ideas and give a personal touch to the weddings. 

Still wondering whether to go for romantic pastels, bohemian magic or a traditional twist? Check out these 50 intimate wedding decor ideas that are too easy to DIY at home, and guess what, they won’t even burn your pockets!