Woodland Ideas That Enhances Wedding Decor Value

If you are one of those couples who love everything natural, Woodland wedding ideas are just perfect for your wedding décor. There is so much fun organizing the wedding in a beautiful town or cottages in woody areas. Getting married under tree-lined canopies and star-lit skies is truly magical and gives a special meaning to the couples exchanging vows.

Woodland weddings are quite in vogue these days are known for its distinctive feel and ambiance. Embrace Mother Nature and plan a ceremony outdoors amidst nature’s marvels. If it is not possible to get married outdoors in a woodland, you can use natural woody décor ideas that gives a natural décor to the wedding theme.

Here, we bring you some interesting elements that can help you create a lovely Woodland wedding theme.


Decorate the Wedding Venue

You can decorate the wedding venue using tea branches, logs, an entryway decorated with vines and blooming flowers, a stage decked up with vines, tree branches and flowers. You can hang tea lights from the branches and create a perfectly romantic ambiance. You can also create a barn like décor with the couple exchanging garlands above a watch tower.

Woodland Decor Ideas 1

Woodland Decor Ideas 2


Exciting Table Centerpieces

You can decorate your tables with interesting centerpieces like pinecones, wood slices, dried flowers in a glass bowl, wood slices, and more. To light up the area, you can place lanterns on the table.

Woodland Decor Ideas 3

Woodland Decor Ideas 4


Wooden Bars

Create a rustic-looking, wooden bar with wooden shelves to store a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. This bar can be beautified with hanging flower laden branches. 

Woodland Decor Ideas 5

Woodland Decor Ideas 6


Wooden Furniture

Instead of going with regular furniture, place wooden furniture with a dated look. It will go pretty well with the wooden theme of the wedding.

Woodland Decor Ideas 7

Woodland Decor Ideas 8 

Wooden Signage’s

What better to welcome your wedding guests with beautiful wooden signage’s and props. It brings out rustic affair to the whole wedding.