Wedding Décor Trends to Keep & Ditch In 2019

Every girl loves to have a “fairy-tale” wedding and it is the décor that adds glamour to the wedding. The right wedding decoration can help you transform any ordinary location into a magical place; therefore, it plays a crucial role in setting up the tone for the wedding. But what you must keep in mind while choosing the wedding decoration theme is that with every New Year comes new wedding trends, new brides, new engagements, etc. So you must go for trendy decoration ideas for your wedding and avoid the obvious wedding décor trend mistakes.


To make the task easy for you, here we are listing some wedding décor trends to keep & ditch in 2019:


Ceremony Backdrop

As you will be looking at your photos forever, it is best that you pick a backdrop you never regret. If you have selected a wedding theme, pick a backdrop that suits the theme and adds a tough of elegance to your décor. You can also go for circle backdrop adorned with flowers and must avoid those outdated Geometric backdrops.

Wedding Décor Trends 2019 1

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Wedding Décor Trends 2019 2

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Play with Colors

Trying out new colors and embracing bold colors is the 2019 biggest trend. Make sure you try out the intriguing color combination and unconventional hues that have never been used before. Remember, using soft classic colors are a big No! So instead of picking light shades, you must choose a theme or décor that looks fun, bold and bright.

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Quirky Hashtag Decor

Wedding hashtags has become another interesting trend in weddings nowadays. To let your guests know about your hashtags, it is really important to highlight it by coming up with décor that represents your personality or style. Whether you go for floral hashtag décor or use eye-catching accessories with it, make sure it looks timeless and classic.

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Candle Light Décor

Minimalist décor create the perfect ambiance for a perfect wedding. Candles have always been used to create a romantic yet unique vibe.  It adds a soothing effect to the eyes giving warmth everywhere. Weddings lit by candles are always the most romantic celebrations and it will never go out of trend. But what you must keep in mind while going for candlelight décor is that match it with soothing and light color drapes. You must use avoid dark shades for the serene look.

Wedding Décor Trends 2019 7


Wedding Décor Trends 2019 7


Avoid too much minimalism

It is true that the wedding always looks best with minimal and serene décor, but too much minimalism can also turn your wedding affair into a boring one. So make sure you balance things to keep the excitement and fun element high. Go for a décor that looks serene yet fascinating to catch the attention of your guests. Having an interesting selfie booth, mehndi corner and floral décor can add freshness and charm to the wedding.

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Hire Décor Experts

Yes, to give a personal touch to your wedding functions, it is really important to hire experts that you can rely on a personal level and not just the one who suits your budget. Make sure you discuss things with your décor experts in advance and go through their portfolio to understand the quality of work they have done before. It will not just help you make the right pick, but will also you help you invest your money in the right place. These professionals are trained to deliver exactly what you want and ensure that the décor meets your expectations.