Trendiest Fairy Tale Wedding Decoration Styles To Make An Occasion Extra Special

Your wedding is one of the most important occasions in your life and you will want it to be perfect. From flowers to lighting to the centerpieces on the dinner table, everything needs to be flawless. So here we are, to help you plan the perfect fairytale wedding. Remember, it is the little details that count the most. If you are looking for real-life examples of fairy tale décor, Fusion has used quite a few of these wedding decoration ideas to plan real-life weddings!


Set the stage on Fire

Trendiest Wedding Decoration Styles 1
Source: Shawna Yamamoto & Company
Trendiest Wedding Decoration Styles 2Source: Tanvi & Co.

In any wedding, the wedding stage is the focus of attention and it is imperative that wedding stage decoration is exclusive and match with chosen theme of wedding. Ensure the backdrop is as lively and vibrant as the whole wedding scene. Elaborate tree carvings or peacocks are quite trendy these days. Use of flood lights and other lighting props accentuate the overall appearance of the backdrop. Crystal chandeliers can be used to augment stage look.


Stunning Ceiling Décor

Trendiest Wedding Decoration Styles 3
Source: Amaara Decor
Trendiest Wedding Decoration Styles  4Decor by The Wedding Designers, Mumbai
Trendiest Wedding Decoration Styles 5Shot by DotDusk studios, Delhi

When looking for a fantastic wedding decoration idea, do not forget about ceilings which can be decorated to add character to the whole look. Hanging floral décor, vintage lanterns or pendent chandeliers can be used to adorn the ceiling making it look truly spectacular.


Pretty fairy lights

Trendiest Wedding Decoration Styles 6
With Love Nilma


Trendiest Wedding Decoration Styles 7
Source: KV Designs & Decor

Fairy lights create the perfect ambiance for a fairytale wedding. The soft lighting creates a beautiful atmosphere that is sure to inspire a lot of love! You can use the fairy lights to decorate the trees at the venue, or on poles supporting the gazebo or even the mandap!


Roses galore