#TrendAlert: Cobweb Decor to Amp Your Cocktail & Reception Party

Aren’t we’ve had enough of those floral décor in wedding ceremonies? Attending weddings is always fun, and experiencing something breathtaking like an unconventional décor adds even more excitement. So, why not present your guests with something unusual and fascinating in terms of décor this wedding season to leave them enthralled. Let’s try cobweb décor this wedding season, which will leave your guests awestruck with the ambiance and will just set the right mood for your celebration.


Here we present you some ideas to incorporate cob-web inspired décor to your wedding celebrations:

Cobweb Decor 1


Have you ever seen a more fascinating ceiling décor because we haven’t? It will definitely make for an ideal décor for your sangeet, cocktail, and reception.

Cobweb Decor 2


As the bar grabs the most attention in cocktail parties and reception, make sure you turn it into a fascinating one like this spookycobweb inspired bar décor.

Cobweb Decor 3


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It might look spooky to some, but this cobweb décor would surely grab all the attention of your guests and would make them go crazy over it.

Cobweb Decor 4


Image having dinner on a table with such dramatic and spooky centerpieces. Your guests might find it unusual, but your guests would love the set up. 

Cobweb Decor 5


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The most fascinating and intriguing stage set up for all those who want to keep it simple yet fancy

Cobweb Decor 6


You can also set a Halloween theme or any other spooky theme for your wedding and use this cobweb decor

Cobweb Decor 7


How about adding some Halloween inspired elements for a quirky setup?