Throw the most Glamorous Cocktail Party with our Top 6 Cocktail Party Ideas

In between the many functions in a marriage, you want to carve out a little time for your close friends and family to just chill, slow down from all the hectic planning and allow them to let their hair down. What better way to do it than a cocktail party. You already have one of the best wedding decorators in Delhi, so why not throw a small but marvelous cocktail party so you can vibe with your peers before the bustle of the significant functions.

A cocktail party is an ideal way for everyone to let off a bit of steam and just enjoy the ambiance and indulge in a few drinks while dancing to the beats. Decorating for a cocktail party doesn't have to be a complicated matter, not when you have our top 6 cocktail party ideas.


1. Go grand with the Luxe theme

If you want to give your cocktail party a nice downtown abbey feel with a touch of class and elegance then the luxe theme is for you. A nice classy affair with servers in bowties and vests and sleek tables with black table covers with some comfy but chic chairs. It always classes up any party if you have good lights, preferably fairy lights going throughout the venue, and another uptown touch is name card holders on each table.


2. Live your fairytale with the enchanted forest theme

Hasn’t everyone always wanted to live in a Disney movie? Well, you can finally live out that fantasy by giving your cocktail party an enchanted forest theme. What that means is having a lot of floral arrangements around your venue, maybe a floral entrance arch to your party. You can decorate with nice wood furniture and strategically placed floral settings near tables to reinforce the forest theme and make it enchanting by having multi-color lights to soft glow those amazing Instagram photos.


3. Go rustic with the bonfire theme

If you and your partner love the outdoors and enjoy a nice rustic aesthetic, a nighttime bonfire cocktail party may be the ideal choice. A bonfire theme would provide a chill and cozy atmosphere for your friends and close relatives to relax and reminisce while enjoying the soothing sounds of a crackling bonfire.  It is also not that difficult to pull off, with a few well placed lights around the venue and a big roaring fire in the center with seating surrounding it. It’s a great place for that one guitar player friend to jam and enjoy singing the classics. Just remember to stay safe while roasting those marshmallows.


4. Say aloha to the luau theme

Who doesn’t love a party by the beach? We know we do! So if the ocean is your calling and you want to go a little wild at your cocktail party, then the luau aka Hawaiian theme is the ideal décor idea for you. Book a quiet beach, so you can be as rowdy as you want, and get your decorator to hook you up with some tiki torches and palm tree decorations. Fill out your venue with tropical plant decorations and vibrant colors and get your tropical cocktail game on.


5. Bring back the 70s with the disco theme

If the dancing bug has bitten you, the ideal cocktail party decoration idea would be the disco theme. Bring back the glitz and glamour and the disco fever with this décor. Fill your party with lots of disco lights and a big disco ball never hurt anyone. Make your guests groove to the totally happening beats and vibe with the overdosed color palette. If you can source a good light-up floor, your cocktail party will surely be a memorable one.