Rangoli Designs That Adds to the Wedding Décor Grandeur

Rangoli or Kolam is a traditional Indian art form that is considered quite auspicious. It is very common to find simple to intricate rangoli designs gracing the entranceway of Indian homes. Womenfolk make lovely Kolam designs using natural materials like chalk powder, rock powder or sometimes even flour powder. These days, synthetic powders are also available in an amazing range of colours helping the designs to be more attractive and creative. A kaleidoscope of colours in Rangoli designs helps it stand apart from any other décor element. Since it is considered very auspicious, wedding décor seems to be incomplete without them. Here we bring you some attractive rangoli designs using grid patterns, florals, curved loops, animals, birds, etc., used by some of the top wedding decorators in Delhi.


Rangoli Designs for Diwali

When celebrating the first Diwali post-wedding, it is going to be a very extravagant and stylish affair for you. Celebrate Diwali in style by decorating the house with some simple, yet awe-inspiring rangoli designs. Go for diya, florals, and birds or animals in the design that looks inviting while adding a festive touch to it. 

Rangoli Designs 1


Geometric Rangoli Designs

Geometric designs are very easy and convenient to make. Thus, many people prefer making curvy and straight lines in vibrant colours. Any geometric shape like curves, triangle, straight lines, or dots can be made to create a stunning pattern. The design can be made to look more interesting by adding fresh flowers or lighted diyas here and there to make it look more exuberant. 

Rangoli Designs 2


Ganesha Rangoli Design

Whenever any auspicious occasion is planned and celebrated like a housewarming or a wedding, Lord Ganesha is invited so that all rituals go well and smoothly without any hindrance. Lord Ganesha is made using vibrant saffron, red and other colours making a perfect design. It is not only drawn to invoke good omen but also to start rituals with an auspicious beginning. 

Rangoli Designs 3


Rangoli Floral Designs

Floral design can also be made in a circular pattern. A lot of small designs can be made in such a way to create a huge circular design and pattern. There can be multiple layers, each with a different design using dots, curves, and leaves in different colours. 

Rangoli Designs 4


Peacock Rangoli Designs

Peacock is one of the most spectacular and stunning birds, also the National Bird of India. It finds a place in a lot of rangoli designs where every part of its body including its colorful plumes are created using an amazing array of bright and scintillating colours. It is also a very famous element used in wedding decor in Delhi.

Rangoli Designs 5 


Traditional White Chalk Powder Design

This rangoli design is made using chalk powder and a variety of patterns using designs like flowers, birds, animals, feathers of two peacocks together and more. This simple rangoli creation can be made to look spectacular with lighted diyas, candles or flowers all around. 

Rangoli Designs 6


Check Patterned Rangoli Design

Another quite popular rangoli design is a check-patterned design that is not only very impressive and stunning to look at but also quite elaborately created. Lovely petals with check designs within are one of the major highlights of this design. It is undoubtedly a marvelous artistic expression making petals and flowers with absolute perfection.

Rangoli Designs 7


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Swastik Rangoli Design

This design is usually drawn during any festive occasion. A lovely well-aligned Swastik design is drawn in the centre with some floral, dots, and Kairi patterns all around to give it an elaborate look. It is a simple yet elegant rangoli design perfect for any joyous occasion. It also finds a place in wedding decoration in Delhi.

Rangoli Designs 8 

So, whenever planning a joyous occasion or celebrating a festival, choose any of the rangoli or kolam designs from these options and bring joy, cheer, happiness, and auspiciousness to your life. 


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