Make Your Wedding Décor Shine Bright this Wedding Season with Terrariums

Terrariums are very much in trend and are being increasingly incorporated for decking up wedding venues. Right from entrance to the main mandap, it is amazing to see, how the use of terrarium in varying concepts can actually add that required extra style and warmth to the overall decoration theme.



Terrariums Wedding Decor 1

Terrariums Wedding Decor 2

Decorating the entrance with terrarium can bestow a new freshness and warmth to the entire styling arrangement of the venue. Be it decoration the ceiling with hanging terrarium lights or arranging brightly lit terrarium light posts along the entrance passage, using them in the decoration will actually turn out to be very welcoming.



Terrariums Wedding Decor 3

Terrariums Wedding Decor 4

Give that extra edge to the wedding décor by arranging the ceiling with brightly illuminated hanging terrarium densely arranged to give the canopy effect. The combination of glowing lights and greenery of the terrarium will surely be magical. 



Terrariums Wedding Decor 5

Terrariums Wedding Decor 6

Let love and romance be the key elements of decoration for the big day. So, to bring out the true spirit, plan to set up the mandap with beautifully prepared terrariums.


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