Make Your First Love, Your “Books” An Integral Part of Your Wedding

If you and your soon-to-be better half are certified voracious readers and books have been an integral part of your growing up years, why not incorporate them into your D-day? Die-hard bookworms are sure to relate to this idea. Using books as a wedding décor element is sure to make it look personal, eclectic, and quirky. When you are embarking on a new journey and ready to turn the page of your life opening a new chapter, adding books to your wedding décor shall speak volumes about your beautiful love story you share with them.

Here, we bring you some fun ideas that make books an integral part of your wedding décor.


Ideas to Use books as a wedding décor element

If books have been your first love through your growing up years, do not leave them behind on the shelves when you are ready to celebrate the new phase in your life. Try these fun ideas.


Table Centrepiece

Create a robust centrepiece base on your favourite books and place a bunch of greenery with colourful whimsical blooms and place it on the table. 

books decor 1


Share Your Story 

You can share the story of how your tryst with books started with your guests with a simple note placed on the table. Believe me, many guests are going to relate to your story and share your passion for books. 

books decor 2 


Entrance Way

Create a lovely entrance way with books by your favorite writers and impress your guests with your literary acumen. The books can be kept in a metal framed entrance way for a cleaner look.

books decor 3


View Blocker

Books are also an ideal choice as view blocker. Right after passing through a book lined entrance way, guests will be surprised to come across an impressive collection of books placed as view blocker.

books decor 4 


Create an Index 

Show off your book theme by creating an index or a table of contents that explains the wedding program succinctly. 

books decor 5


Library Card Invites

Design guests invite on the library card theme. It is sure to grab the attention of the guests and maybe many of them will send their RSVPs on time to avoid getting fined. 

books decor 6 


Place Card in a book jacket

Go for postcards or cardstock of your favourite book covers and place them on the table as place cards. 

books decor 7


Book-themed Wedding Cake 

How about a book-inspired wedding cake? Ask your baker to create a lovely book-themed tiered cake and it can show you and your partner reading your favourite one!

books decor 8


Photo Booth

Place a book-themed photo booth where your guests can get their pictures clicked with some of your favorite books. This picture is always going to stay in their memories.

books decor 9



You can place some look-alikes of limited-edition books here and there as interesting props. The whole ambiance with have an impressive ambiance that is sure to be loved by book lover guests like you.

books decor 10


Book as Wedding Favours

Many libraries and local bookstores have books available for free that can be used as wedding favours. Or, you can pick up your favourite book and give it to each guest as a wedding favour encouraging them to become a bookworm like you!

books decor 11


Engagement Rings in tucked in a book

It is a lovely idea and is sure to leave the guests surprised when they see the ring bearer carry a book instead of a pillow with rings on its top. The rings can be tucked inside a book leaving the guests playing a guessing game.

books decor 12 


Dinner in a Bookstore-Inspired Setting 

You can create a bookstore-like setting and place dinner tables with books stacked in the middle.