Jhoola (Swings) Decor Ideas to Electrify Your Mehndi Celebration

Mehndi ceremony is the most-awaited ceremony at any wedding. Music, dance, applying henna, floral jewellery, everyone’s donning green attires, Mehndi ceremony has its charm and is our favourite because of the fun and excitement it involves. But since all brides need a comfortable place to sit while putting henna on hands, Jhoola (swings) makes for the best option for all brides-to-be. To add the oomph factor, you can decorate these jhoolas with cutesy elements to add the new-age panache. 

To help you come up with the best Mehndi décor, here we are listing down some décor ideas that you must use for your Jhoola (swing) décor:


Mehndi Décor with floral strings and quirky colors

Jhoola Decor Ideas 1


Vibrant Mehndi Décor with Marigold

Jhoola Decor Ideas 2


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Drapes & Lilies for a dreamy affair

Jhoola Decor Ideas 3


Mehndi Décor using Origami & floral strings