Haldi Decor Ideas & Inspirations Straight from Real Weddings

In Indian marriages, a lot of emphases are put on the many ceremonies that are held to mark the occasion. These rituals not only have a religious significance but are also a great way for the families to come together and celebrate. One such important occasion is Haldi ceremony that comes with lots of excitement and enthusiasm. Well, I am sure all of you would agree to the fact that the Haldi ceremony is all about décor. By adding little elements to the décor, you can instantly revive the décor and can add a fresh charm and grandeur to the décor.


Add a touch of royalty to your entry with these giant yellow elephants


Or pretty pink flamingos…


Come up with your personalized hashtag and use it for eclectic decor


Bohemian style Haldi décor with floral strings & flowy drapes


A vibrant stage décor with pretty floral strings


Keep your guests engaged with some fun shopping counters


Serve your guests in style with classic cutlery and table décor


Amp up the corners & trees with floral strings & big cutesy latkans