Fun Décor Ideas to Jazz up Your Intimate Mehndi Celebration

Mehndi marks the beginning of long, elaborate wedding ceremonies and thus calls for eloquent planning and arrangements. Due to COVID-19, you might not be able to make it as grand as you always wished for but you can still do so much with your décor to achieve amazing results. If you are wondering how, here are some innovative and impressive ideas for decorating the mehndi site for your intimate celebration:-


Go floral & use lots of them at every corner

Floral decorations are a full-proof way to add grace and style to any given occasion. Decorating the mehndi venue with exotic floral arrangements can always set the right mood and ambiance. Elaborate and intricate floral backdrops or large floral sculptures are ideal mehndi Décor.

Intimate Mehndi Celebration 1


Use all your creativity to amp the food carts look

Carts decorated tastefully and used as food and game counters can be so refreshing and different. Brightly ornamented carts stationed at different spots in the mehndi venue will be loved and highly appreciated by your guests. Simple yet stylish is the whole idea of decorating with carts.

Intimate Mehndi Celebration 2


How about Cabana Style décor?

Styling an open venue like a terrace or lawn in a cabana getup is like taking the entire event to the next level. Color-coordinated drapes, decorating an open space, will add richness and warmth to the entire décor.

Intimate Mehndi Celebration 3


Decorate the venue with flower strings & lamps

Hanging appealing crafts and artifacts like attractive lamps with flower string or any other DIY elements from an enclosed tree or an added pillar is another nice way of decorating the mehndi venue.

Intimate Mehndi Celebration 4


Go for a comfy seating arrangement

Focusing on the seating setup can also add volume to the overall decoration. Instead of going of typical urban style arrangement, going for low cushioned sofas or cane chairs will surely add that exclusiveness to the entire look. Comfy and elegant, guests will love the decoration of the venue.

Intimate Mehndi Celebration 5


Come up with interesting Photo booths concepts

Occasions like mehndi hold a special place as they celebrate infinite worthy moments. How better to relish every moment than by clicking loads of pictures with friends and family? Trust us, the photo booth will turn out to be the most loved idea to enjoy every moment.

Intimate Mehndi Celebration 6


Trendy Fabric Teepees

You can opt for evenly spaced out well-setup fabric tents or teepees all around the venue to give a boost to the overall arrangement. Pastel shade teepees coordinated with other pleasant props like floral garlands or wooden tables topped with eye-catching elements will add glamour to the event.

Intimate Mehndi Celebration 7


You can pick theme based decoration

Zeroing down to one specific theme as per individual choice is always a great way. You can go for a gorgeous dream-like setup to decorate the mehndi stage. 

Intimate Mehndi Celebration 8


Thus, there are endless creative ideas for enhancing the decoration of a well-organized mehndi setup. You can go for any of the above mentioned trendy concepts to give a special touch to the whole arrangement.


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