Fun birthday decoration idea for your baby’s birthday celebration!

Birthday celebrations are the most playful event of the year. The kids go crazy and we love to see those little tiny tots jump around and enjoy themselves. You have seen a lot of birthday decoration ideas trending right out but are still confused about what to choose for your kid. Usually when it comes to a kids birthday party, we always select the birthday decor theme on the basis of color the baby likes, on the baby’s favorite cartoon, his favourite comic character etc but what if your baby doesn't have any such preference.

While choosing your birthday decor, one thing is very important is to decide on the theme of the decor. If not any birthday decor theme, you can also narrow down the color scheme of the birthday decoration. A quick tip on deciding the color scheme. Always choose not more than 3 colors and see to it that they are from the same family color and add a bold balloon color on top of it. Once you narrow down the color for your balloon decoration, you can use your other decor elements to match up your balloon decoration. Birthday decorations have changed a lot in the last few years. It is not just about balloon decorations anymore. People want more from it. While balloons being the essence of the birthday decor, you can make it fun and appealing by adding some unique decor prop elements and character cutouts.

Now it comes down to what kind of decor elements to choose and how to incorporate it together. For birthday decor, you can easily use character cutouts, signboards, cute lil quotations, some beautiful cages and thermocol and sun boards cuttings to enhance. You also need to remember that you need to deck up the whole area and not just your cake table. Decorate the table arrangements with balloons and some props with birthday sticks on it. Decorate the photo booth area and make a mini play lounge for your toddlers to enjoy. After all, it's their day to enjoy themselves.

Now the question is what are the major elements for a birthday decoration. So, it totally depends on you and how big you want your birthday event to be. If there is a larger gathering, you need to fill up more space. The main elements to look forward to are a main entry gate with a customised invite standee , a cake table- which is like super important , seating arrangements for adults and kids , a photobooth area , a candy bar for your kids and a play lounge.

Still confused on what birthday decor to choose for you kid, do not worry we have come up with this beautiful decoration for your child. You can take some birthday decoration inspo from our latest birthday decor at Ambria Pushpanjali.