Fashionable and Classy Tassels To Amp Up Your wedding Decor

When it comes to wedding décor, if flowers and candles are the frosting on the cake, tassels are definitely the sprinkles on the top. Tassels add a whimsy and fashionable touch to the space with its fashionable, flirty, and fun looks. Using tassels in stunning looking arrangements can amp up overall décor of the wedding venue and bring a lot of color and style to the area. It’s amazing versatility has made it quite popular as one of the quirky wedding décor elements. These are just the right choice for the venue décor of any wedding function. Here, we have curated some lovely tassel décor ideas at weddings!


A canopy of tassels across the aisle creating a colorful sky for the bride to walk beneath

Classy Tassels Wedding Decor 1

It is just like a dream come true for the bride when walking below a canopy of dazzling tassels along with other décor elements in a cornucopia of colors


Royal Looking Jhoola with tassel details

Classy Tassels Wedding Decor 2

This is the bride’s special day and she deserves royal treatment. Create a perfect seating arrangement – hanging multi-colored hues of tassels and a decorated Jhoola with cute birds in tassel details.


Hanging blooms with tassels in multiple hues and colors for a picture-perfect couple portrait

Classy Tassels Wedding Decor 3

Create a perfect backdrop for a couple portraits. Match tassel colors with couple attire to get synchrony. It will also add adding a lot of color and class to the space


Use hues and colors of pretty tassels for perfect chair décor

Classy Tassels Wedding Decor 4

Add style to simple chairs by tying a lovely tassel or hang a few in multi-colored hues from the seat, and take a bow for your lovely idea.


A lovely and gorgeous looking tassel chandelier

Classy Tassels Wedding Decor 5

This is a beautiful idea which is sure to add class and glamour to the area. Try stunning combinations of golden, yellow and red to add vibrancy to the area


Exchange Vows beneath a colorful tassels canopy

Classy Tassels Wedding Decor 6

It is going to be a picture-perfect shot with couples exchanging vows and taking pheras under a cornucopia of colors rendered by lovely tassels. Go for vibrant colors to add glamour to space.


Groove to the foot-tapping music beneath a tassel-canopy

Classy Tassels Wedding Decor 7

Don’t let your feet stop when grooving to foot tapping music beneath a canopy of fantabulous tassels and capture the colorful vista!


Vibrant colored tassels adorns the beautiful entrance

Classy Tassels Wedding Decor 8

Go with bright yellow or multi-colored tassels hangings and pair it up with shimmers lining the entrance path.It not only lights up your entranceway but also impart it with a spectacular look.


Tassels as lovely hangings

Classy Tassels Wedding Decor 9

If you are working on outdoor décor, use tassels as lovely hangings from a tree and add a dash of color and vibrancy to the area.


Add more color to the lounge area