Eco friendly Décor Ideas!!!Go Natural with Banana Leaves as Primary Décor Element

In India, a lot of significance is given to Mother Nature and it is reflected in our culture, history, and rituals. For instance, banana leaves means auspicious beginnings and it is for this reason, our décor experts have come up with a new wedding décor theme using banana leaves. It not only imparts a unique aesthetic vibe but also proves to be an environment friendly substitute as décor element for any propitious beginning. The verdant color of the leaves add brightness and vibrancy to the ambiance which gels well with colorful food.


Here, we bring you some amazing ideas using banana leaves that can amp up your wedding décor space!


Some Stylish and Eco Friendly Décor Ideas Using Banana Leaves



A lovely lush green latticed entrance using banana leaves in combination with pure white flowers

Image Source: Harishankar Photography


Image Source: Studio K


Image Source: Neeta Shankar Photography



Stunning banana leaves bridal sitting in combination with bright amber-colored marigold flowers

Image Credit: Anusatya