Eccentric & Alluring Wedding Function Decoration ideas that are trending RN!

Maybe minimalism is your style or you're just into the idea of a ton of décor, but you still want to personalize the celebration. From looking for tiny details to going all out, these are the touches that turn a wedding décor into ‘FABULOUS.’

The wedding decorators & designers have creatively designed so many themes, palates, color combinations for various wedding functions. The internet is flooded with all new designs from around the globe. We see wedding couple’s instagramming their favorite décor ideas while some pin it down for future use.

There are many elements in a wedding function decoration like entrance décor, mandap décor, archway décor, food area décor and many more. From elegant candelabras to rustic vintage crates, there are so many ideas to choose from. People have new adopted ideas and incorporate them on their wedding day. Instead of going after a huge entrance, people are now focusing on the archway décor .Similarly; food areas and bars were not given much importance in terms of decoration. Now everything around you is decked up.

We are here to bring you the latest and OTB ideas that are trending everywhere. Transform your venue with these show-stopping wedding decoration ideas

1. This heavenly and pristine ceiling decor idea with cascading beaded strings, shimmery adornments and heartwarming miniature bulbs is to die for. This wedding function décor idea is ideal for any kind of royal affair. This latest ceiling decoration is setting some serious millennial standards.

wedding function decoration ideas 1

wedding function decoration ideas 2


2.  A dreamy garden bar décor done in heavy cascading floral and ferns and foliage is #BARGOALS.  We have seen many unique bar décor ideas in the past. For mehndi – we have seen trucks designed as Sharab di gaddi to serve drinks. For cocktail night there are a variety of ideas ruling the net. So every bar deserves to be festooned with the prettiest of decor elements.

wedding function decoration ideas 3

wedding function decoration ideas 4


3.  Ever thought of decorating your food area and dining area? No, Right! We bring some very unique and beautiful ways of decorating your food & dining area that will make you enjoy your food more. Deck up the place with flowers laid on the table along with candelabras and chandeliers and miniature bulbs hanging on the ceiling. We are sure that it will make the place look heavenly.

wedding function decoration ideas 5