Dream Catchers for a Dreamy Wedding Affair

Dream Catcher is one of the most interesting traditions we have around the world.  It is believed to chase the bad dreams away and brings good omen, which makes them a perfect décor item for weddings. As a wedding is undoubtedly the most auspicious day of anyone’s life, bringing some luck to it will only make things better.

Bringing cheerful vibes to the occasion, dream catchers are romantic and allow you to add a personal touch to your big day. Though these are widely used in Bohemian-themed wedding, these dream catchers are becoming trending and can be seen in almost all lavish décor.

So, if you are wondering how you can incorporate these dream catchers into your wedding décor, here some unique and interesting ways to do it!


For a Fun & Frolic Mehndi Decor

Dream catchers make for an interesting mehndi décor and can be customized as per your theme and color choice. They immediately catch attention and add fun and excitement to the décor.

Dream Catchers Wedding 1


An interesting element for Pathway Decor

Dream Catchers Wedding 2

Thinking how to decorate the pathway for the special day? How about using dream catchers? Dream catchers are the most fun elements you can use to decorate the pathways. Their vibrant colors and boho-chic designs look absolutely stunning and set the mood of the event just right!


Bigger dream catchers for a captivating look

Dream Catchers Wedding 3

Image Courtesy: DreamzKaft


Why not do something unconventional this wedding season? For example, go for the décor with drapes and bigger dream catchers for the enticing look. This chic-style décor will make you receive tons of compliments from all your guests for the ultimate look.


Makes an appealing photo wall backdrop

Dream Catchers Wedding 4

Your wedding pictures are something that stays with you forever! So rather than taking pictures in the boring and dull background, it’s better that you create your own photo booth or photo wall backdrop using dream catchers to give a fun vibe to all your pictures. After all, pictures are to cherish forever!


A funky Pool Side Décor

Dream Catchers Wedding 5

Be it a pool-side bachelorette or mehndi ceremony, drapes and dream catchers always works best in setting the right mood and ambiance to the occasion. Now you know how you can bring style to any venue by keeping it simple yet elegant?


Ideal for a quirky Sangeet Décor

Dream Catchers Wedding 6

Sangeet is all about music, dance and lots of fun. But to enjoy the day to the fullest, it is really important you go for a décor filled with fun, excitement and lots of fun elements like dream catchers. From floral dream catchers to metallic ones, there is a wide variety of choices available to choose from.


To create jazzy and fun corners