Cool, Unique & Quirky Mehndi Decor Seating Ideas That Are Trending RN!

Mehndi functions are the most awaited function when all your friends and cousins go crazy and dance their heart out. When you think of a mehndi ceremony , you always think about bridal outfits, makeup and mehndi.It is not all about getting your bridal henna put & twirling around in a fancy lehenga. The most important part of the ceremony is the mehndi decor and the mehndi seating arrangements.

When you think about mehndi decor , you always think about those rajasthani theme decor or colorful vibrant decor. But the wedding decorators in Delhi have come up with these unique mehndi decor ideas that you must use. These days, Mehendi seating arrangements have moved past like simple chairs and couches to more vibrant and uniquely designed ones. We have used a lot of fancy things like flowers, vehicles, jhoolas, cushions etc to decorate but we still have a lot more ideas and inspos to share with you all. You need to ensure that there's enough space for everyone to sit and at the same time ample space for people to move about and jam to the dhol.

We have seen a lot of shifts in choosing a design when it comes to mehndi decor. Earlier people used to go for crazy, vibrant themes but as the time is changing and due to the intimate wedding ceremonies, they always go for something which is elegant and classy.

Still confused on what seating arrangements your mehendi should have? Well, fret not dear brides because we always have you covered! Here are some of the coolest Mehndi seating ideas we gleaned from real weddings, may this inspiration guide you in 2022.We bring to you a plethora of options to choose from. Just select what screams your style!


1. Shades of blush and white, this fresh, feminine decor puts a fairytale-like spin on traditional elements. 


2. This one that boasts of vibrant turquoise dream catcher and pink hues of flowers!


3. Vintage Ceremony Seating - mismatched lounges with pink, ivory pillows for an art decor event, reminiscent of the era to wow your guests.


4. Mehndi lounge with blush & maroon sofa with gold and glass table and aesthetically placed candles and hanging mirror.