Amazing Wedding Themes That Simply Leave You Awestruck

Finding the perfect wedding décor to make the wedding venue looks unique and distinctive is as important as other elements like wedding couture, music, catering, and more. Deciding a wedding theme makes things easier to plan and implement. Here we bring you some ultimate wedding theme ideas that are sure to leave the guests awestruck.


Match the Colour

If you are looking forward to a simple and minimal décor, go for a monochrome look. Choose any colour and stick to it.  Subtle colours like ivory, golden, or any other hues is sure to bring your dreams of a fairytale wedding alive!

Amazing Wedding Themes 1


Be Different, Be Bohemian

If you love everything exotic and mysterious, choose Bohemian theme that gives you a lot of bandwidth to try unusual décor elements. Rich and vibrant in colours that shows your free-spirited personality.

Amazing Wedding Themes 2


Go Green and Conserve Nature

If you are a die-hard nature fan, this theme is just right for you. Decorate your wedding venue with bunches of verdant foliage and plants. Give a look of an overgrown garden and use everything from planters, hanging plants to climbers and floral ensembles. Choose décor elements that shows your love for Mother Nature.

Amazing Wedding Themes 3


A Cornucopia of Colours

If you love things vibrant and colourful, add a dash of multiple colours here and there in varied décor elements like buntings, pom poms, origami, flowers, lights, and more.  The whole décor will turn out to be the best mood-uplifting wedding venue with everyone, from bride and groom to their families, friends and other guests in an animated spirit.

Amazing Wedding Themes 4


Rural wedding theme

If you wish to add a rural or rustic touch to your wedding venue décor, add some desi masala like charpais, gol colourful takiye, colourful parandas as décor element, brass utensils, and more. Add a dash of colour with multi-hued phulkari dupattas. This the whole ambiance is informal and authentic.