Add Glamour to your Wedding Decoration with these Breathtaking Light Decor Ideas

When it comes to the wedding décor we give so much importance to all the fancy décor elements like flowers, dream catchers, kites and centerpieces, etc. But we give least importance to one such element that brings the most glamour and change to the décor. Yes, lights are one such element that can instantly elevate the ordinary venue and turn it into a magnificent one. Be it outdoor space or your indoor banquet halls, lights have the power to fill any space with energy and splendor.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself how these pretty light strings, lanterns and candles makes for an interesting and romance-filled décor!


Create an dramatic and Bollywood styled pathways with lights

Light Decor Ideas 1

light décor ideas 2

light décor ideas 3

light décor ideas 4

light décor ideas 5


Let your guests swoon over these fancy ceiling décor and feel the magic!

light décor ideas 6

light décor ideas 7