Achieve the pristine look with White Wedding décor Ideas!

We Indians believe and feel in our hearts that the most auspicious wedding color palette is shades of red. It symbolizes ferocity, love, and passion, all emotions that are indicative of a traditional Indian wedding. Although, if you are not so traditional in your mindset and you are open to experimenting with your wedding décor, have we got some white wedding décor ideas for you!

A white wedding is more of a palette for Christian weddings, with the color symbolizing purity and the divinity of the newly married couple. But there’s no reason for you to not include that emotion for your special day. A white-centered décor gives a pristine vibe and exudes a calm complexity that is difficult to achieve when you have tons of color.

We hope our list with the most iconic white décor ideas can get your creative juices flowing and you reconsider adding them to your wedding ceremony.


Eggshell color bar

A big hotspot for your wedding will be the bar if you choose to have one. It’s a good idea to showcase your white theme here with this décor style. Let your guests enjoy the drinks with the pristine bar counter supporting their inebriation.


White lounge décor ideas

The lounge area is also a key place to incorporate your color theme, with pristine table cloth and white chairs accented by pink flowers, this décor idea can invoke British teatime or even a Moroccan soiree. A properly placed white arch easily invokes sleek and clean Italian themes while being not too much.

You can also go the open lounge route with a more rustic Italian décor scheme, accented with chic and cute umbrellas, complimenting flower vases on tables, and a detailed backdrop wall.

This décor style invokes all the vibes of Sicily with the stark calmness and elegance of Greece.


Accent your décor with these props

To go with your overall color scheme of white you will need the requisite props to scatter about to add a bit of pop and accent the beauty of your whole setup.