20 Best & Funky Pool Decor Ideas For a Perfect Wedding Celebration

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are no holds barred! Indians by nature love extravagance, especially on occasions like nuptials. If you have chosen a wedding venue with a lovely pool to boot, look for some unique and spellbinding décor ideas that can make pool and other open areas look stunning and amped up.

Pool space in any open wedding venue not only works as a rejuvenating space, a treat to sore eyes, but a venue element that can be decorated such that it stands apart from the rest of the space. A lot of wedding ceremonies and parties can be organized poolside and by using the latest décor elements, it can easily become one of the most loved venues by your guests.

Here, we bring you some ideas that we have collated to make your wedding celebrations more special and memorable!


Choose the best from Pool Décor Ideas


  1. Create a stunning pool view with hashtag installations!

    Source Shanqh Luxury Event Planners and Decorators, Delhi


    Shot by Dhanika Choksi Photography, Delhi


    Shot by Infinite Memories, Delhi



  2. Decorate pool using fairy lights and Chinese lanterns to give an enhanced look!


  3. Stunningly beautiful candelabras and miniature candles to amp pool décor!