15 Most Interesting DIY Birthday Decor Ideas

Birthday parties are once-a-year special occasions, so you always want to go all out with the birthday decorations. This year, instead of hunting for decorations, why not indulge in some family art & craft time and make your own? Here are some quick and easy DIY decorations ideas for the next birthday party in your family.


Glitter balloons

Quick and easy, all you need for this DIY décor is balloons, glue and glitter. Blow up the balloons and use the glue to create stripes or shapes on the balloon. Simply add glitter onto the glue, blow off the excess and let it dry. Your shiny party decorations are ready.


Streamer waterfall

Another great idea is to use crepe paper streamers, readily available in any party supply shop in the city. Grab streamer rolls in all colors of the rainbow from the store. You can put these up on a wall to create a rainbow effect. The length can vary according to your preference. 


Party hats

Boring old party hats are so passé. Ramp up the birthday celebrations with party hats embellished with pom poms, paper flowers, stones and some ruffles.


Glass centerpieces

Looking for some sophisticated birthday décor ideas? Grab glass jars in your house, some golden glitter and battery operated candles. Put some glue on the inside of the jars, and add the golden glitter. Shake out the excess and put a candle inside, and your centerpieces are ready.


Shining fairy lights

Fairy lights can be used to create some gorgeous DIY decorations. If you are having the party outside, string up the fairy lights on the trees for a warm, inviting effect.


Colored vases