15 Budget-Friendly First Birthday Party Decor Ideas

Your lil ones’ first birthday is just around the corner and you have a lot of things to take care of before the D-Day arrives. Guests to invite, venue and caterers to booked, return gifts to be purchased, cake to be ordered, and lot many other things vying for your attention may make it an overwhelming affair for you. Here, we bring you top 15 budget-friendly first birthday party ideas that can help you streamline your party planning activities.

Birthday Party Ideas 1


15 Budget First Birthday Party Decor Ideas

Look for the best birthday party decorators in Delhi and choose any one of the ideas mentioned below to make the first birthday of your tiny tot memorable. These are some very eye-catching, charming, yet simple decoration ideas that shall help you celebrate your little one’s first year of life.


Birthday Party Idea 1

Do not go for fancy decorations. Keep things simple but exciting. The birthday baby and his/her friends are also going to be very young to understand and appreciate elaborate decorations. Seek the help of the best birthday decorators in Delhi and get a simple birthday party décor.


Birthday Party Idea 2

Keep a simple theme. If your daughter or son loves a specific cartoon character, choose it as your party theme and the birthday decoration in Delhi will help you plan the party accordingly.


Birthday Party Idea 3

Keep your baby’s birthday party simple and comfy. You do not want your baby to be cranky on his/her first birthday.


Birthday Party Idea 4

Choose simple loot bag items like crayons or bubble wands or simple gifts to keep little guests excited.


Birthday Party Idea 5

Go for a wide range of party menu that appeals to the taste buds and palate of young guests and your friends and relatives.


Birthday Party Idea 6

Do away with proper paper invites and go for e-invites. It will save a lot of time, effort, and money that goes into inviting guests.


Birthday Party Idea 7

If you are planning a party on a strict budget, try planning a morning party or a party between the meals. At this time, guests are usually not expecting a full meal.


Birthday Party Idea 8

Go for a simple yet interesting cake. Your kid is going to taste the cake just a little so focus more on the guests.


Birthday Party Idea 9

Ask your family to help in planning and preparations so that you are active and full of energy when you need to be and greet your guests.


Birthday Party Idea 10

Plan a house party instead of an expensive venue. This will serve two purposes. Your kid will feel relaxed as he/she is in the familiar surroundings and you will save the cost of booking a venue.

These 10 birthday party decoration ideas will help you plan the best 1st birthday party of your baby.


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