13 Insta-Worthy Baby Shower Party Decorations That Leave Your Guests with an “AwwwBaby” Expression

A new baby has always been a reason to celebrate and a perfect excuse to throw a party. With everyone so excited and eager to welcome the new one, plan an extravagant baby shower party for the mom-to-be and make her feel special on this day. Here, we bring you a well-curated list of some of the most exciting and fun baby shower ideas that are sure to make this party remembered for a long time. While planning this party, you can choose some unique party decorations that make the whole show “insta-worthy.”


Baby Shower Party Decorations that Makes the Celebration Fun and Exciting for the Guests


So, you have already sent out the invites, thought about baby shower games to play, and gifts that are going to be very useful for the new arrival. Now if the time to focus on some beautiful baby shower decorations that create a perfect ambiance for the mom-to-be making her feel special. Make the party planning fun by choosing exotic themes, getting a diaper cake baked, or send invites with tiny feet printed over it. Parents-to-be eagerly awaits this day when their friends and near and dear ones gather to build lovely memories that can be shared with the kid later on their Instagram feed.

Check out some lovely party décor ideas. 


Alphabet Boxes

Get some adorable looking alphabet boxes and place the guest’s favors into them. These boxes will double up as party décor and a place to sneak favors into which can be carried home once the party is over.


Balloon Arch

Use baby shower balloon garland and build a lovely balloon arch. It will create a vibrantly coloured, arch that is sure to give you some amazing Insta-worthy images. Your guests can gather around this arch and get their pictures clicked with this lovely backdrop adding colour to the image. It is sure to create lovely baby shower balloon decoration images.



Inspiring Baby Cake Toppers

Look for interesting and baby-themed cake toppers and add more zing to the celebrations. Dress up the cake and make it look awesome. Put a lot of balloons all around the cake. Check out balloon decorations for baby shower near me and use them as decor elements per your creativity and imagination. 


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Mom-Osa Bar 

If you wish you can avoid adding bubbly to the party spread as the mom-to-be certainly can’t drink. Instead, go for inspiring mocktails to celebrate the new arrival. Use printable customized tags to display the drinks. 


Make a Wish

Guests coming for the party would surely love to make a wish for the baby. Give a twist to this ritual by engaging guests in party decorations. Place card stock and cookie cutters on the table using which guests can write lovely wishes for the baby and nervous parents. These card notes can be hung over a string to add to the party décor. 


Watercolor Balloons

When looking for some incredible baby shower balloon ideas for a girl, decorate the entire party venue with white balloons all over. Keep acrylic paints in different colors on a table. Let the guests show their creativity using these paints and coloring the balloons creating lovely designs and patterns. 


Flower Paper Sacks

If you are hard-pressed for time and were not able to pick up interesting favors for the guests, no worries! You can pick up flower paper sacks as favors that are sure to send your guests home with a thoughtful note kept in each bunch of fresh, fragrant flowers. 


Themed Baby Shower Party

If you are finding it difficult planning the party, the best way to go about it is by coming up with an interesting theme. This will make the entire party fun and planning the same will seem to be a breeze for you. Choose any baby-related theme that takes your fancy and start putting things together. 


Onesie Garland

Baby, whether a boy or a girl requires tons of onesies as these are comfortable and soft to touch. The baby finds itself most comfortable when wearing them. So, if you are looking for a suitable theme, you can go for these tiny, lovely, soft to touch fabric pieces as décor options. 


A Bouquet of Baby Socks

This is another interesting idea that you can check out. Replace regular vase of flowers with a unique looking bouquet made from baby socks. It will look very pretty and something completely distinctive to mark the day. Click a lot of pictures and share them on Instagram. You will soon find yourself flooded with cutesy messages and likes. 


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Pop Balloons

Whether you are looking for balloon decoration for baby boy birthday or a baby shower party, go with metallic balloons that look lovely and one of its kind. It helps to create a lovely, shiny, and glittering backdrop. You can also use them as props in photo booths. 


Paper Rosettes

Flowers and balloons have always found a special place when planning a baby shower party. Pick up some pretty flowers and match them with colored paper and create breathtakingly beautiful paper rosettes. It will brighten up the pace and make it come alive with colors and fragrance. 


Diaper Wreath

Get your hands-on things that are going to be of high utility once the baby is born like diapers and create a lovely wreath. It looks lovely as a décor element and can be used later on when the time comes. 

Choose any of these different and unique baby shower decoration ideas and throw a baby shower party that is going to be remembered by everyone who was a part of this bash. It will also give you amazing Insta-worthy images with people marveling at your party planning skills. 


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