11 Wedding Decor Mistakes That You Must Avoid

All of us wish for an ideal wedding. But when the actual D-day arrives, things can go haywire especially the decor. Decorations may be the last thing on your mind when planning your wedding but remember it is an integral part. What if, even after planning everything intricately, when you enter the venue dressed as a bride or a groom, you realize that the lighting is too dim or the entry gate too unimpressive. It takes only seconds for event to fall flat and you would surely not want that for your wedding, right?

What is wedding decor? Every little entity at the venue except the food. Here are some common mistakes that couples make, in the end costing them not only money but some precious moments too.


Uncoordinated Colour theme.

One thing that can be really upsetting is mismatched colours and themes. For e.g. imagine the hue of your bridal dress the same colour as the backdrop. It could be so distasteful – how as a bride can you be spectacularly different? Your outfit, flowers, interiors, drapes, furniture, seating, shades, background etc. everything should be smoothly synchronised on the colour aspect to make things look attractively exclusive.

wedding decor mistakes 1


Attempting to do the decor all by yourself

DIY things look good and impressive in your apartment or house. But marriages are on a much larger scale and need professional help and advice. Do-it-Yourself concept at a marriage venue doesn’t really work because it’s not the work of a specialist, after all! Not to mention that  the concept can be quite demanding and  exhausting for the bride or the groom when they have much better things to do in this phase of their life. It is, hence, better and advisable to hire an expert to do up the decor.

wedding decor mistakes 2


Not budgeting separately for decor.

A very common mistake is when the to-be married couple think that decor is a not-so essential aspect and doesn’t really need elaborate planning or budge allocation. While we all wish to have a dream wedding, the common misconception is that fairytale weddings are associated with only the venue, the dress and the accessories. But just like the bride and the groom dress up to look special that day, the venue has to be dressed up too in the most unique manner to reflect your distinct style! Best way is to earmark a separate budget and inform your decorator about it beforehand.

wedding decor mistakes 3


Not understanding the venue properly

The venue is one of the most important aspects of your marriage. Hence, it is important to realize the availability of space at the venue, spend some quality time with your decorator to plan the right way to utilize and decorate the space in the best possible manner.

wedding decor mistakes 4


Not utilizing the existing decor of the venue.

Again a very common mistake couples make. When the venue management offers certain basis decor, why not use them? The general tendency is to ignore the available things and in order to show-off, we tend to discredit things that are already present and in fact cover those elements, spending additional money and making a complete mess of the event.

wedding decor mistakes 5


Making things look too professional

While adding glitz and glamour to the venue in a professionally done up manner is appealing and impressive, couples often go overboard and in the process the event loses its charm and effect. Adding personal touches can make the marriage look stylish and chic.

wedding decor mistakes 6


Poor lighting of the place

One essential element of Indian marriages is the lighting. Lightings can literally make your wedding memorable! In fact the couples’ light up their houses from days before just to make the environment look more festive and happy. In modern times, creative and innovative ways of lighting up the venue can be devised by professional decorators. While the traditional electric bulbs, lamps and lights look quite impressive, you can add more glam and consciousness to the overall decor by making use of candles, diyas and halogens. Allow the expert to do up the lighting as per the venue. Remember, when overdone or underdone, the event can look too flashy or lacklustre. Don’t let lights spoil the charming anticipation of your wedding – dedicate some time to get as creative and ingenious as possible.

wedding decor mistakes 7


Overlook minute details

A very common error is when the decoration looks extremely nice but the nooks and corners or other minute details are not paid attention to. It is as if they can take care of things all by themselves. But remember dirty and undone corners and elements can really make the event go completely flop. For example, the carpets used may be actually quite worn-out or there are not enough chairs to seat guests. These small details can cost the event dearly! You will never forget that smirky look on couple of faces forever.

wedding decor mistakes 8


Too much emphasis on the stage and the mandap

Obviously the stage and the mandap need to be decorated well as these are the centre of attractions in your wedding but should not be overdone or expensively done that you need to cut costs somewhere else. For example the entryway is left looking jaded or the cutleries used are below par and of terrible quality.

wedding decor mistakes 9


Use of flowers everywhere

Flowers are pious and an integral part of weddings. Most Indian marriages have the venues done up nicely with these bright dainty looking flowers. But you need to remember to use flowers at the right places and in the right quantity because flowers can start to wilt and dry after certain period of time that may affect the look of the event. Again, your professional decorator is the right person to guide and advice you in this context.