10 Fascinating Ideas Using Stunning Mason Jars As a Wedding Centerpiece

The world is going ga-ga after mason jars, the molded glass jars. There was a time when these jars were used for preserving and canning a variety of food products.

Today these jars are used in innumerable ways. Wedding planners have gone a step ahead and are using this simple glass jar as an interesting and innovative wedding décor element. There are several interesting and creative ways these jars can be used as wedding centerpiece and create a focal point at the venue.

Here, we bring you some fabulous ideas that are sure to augment the look, feel, and vibe of the wedding venue with this unique décor element.


Mason Jars as votives

You can use mason jars as a table centerpiece as votives. Light a little, fragrant candle in the jar and create a romantic ambiance.

Stunning Mason Jars 1


Floating Candles

You can place a few flowers in the mason jar, fill it water and float candles in it. It will look lovely and will spread more light around. Tie a bow on the jar neck for a more attractive look.

Stunning Mason Jars 2


A Floral Bouquet

A bunch of fresh vibrant blooms in mason jars is an amazing combination that is sure to look impressive when places as a table centerpiece.

Stunning Mason Jars 3


Wedding Favors

Place a mason jar filled with goodies for guests to be given as a wedding favor. It will be a perfect combo of cute and beautiful wedding favor. 

Stunning Mason Jars 4


Spread fragrance with Potpourri

You can replace fresh flowers with potpourri and spread subtle fragrance all around. 

Stunning Mason Jars 5


Mason Jar with A Rustic Touch

You can place flowers, or potpourri in the jars and cover it with jute strings giving it a rustic look.

Stunning Mason Jars 6


Hang them on a Shepherd’s hook

You can hang mason jars with a floating candle or filled with fragrant blooms and hand it on Shepherd’s hook to create a lovely ensemble. 

Stunning Mason Jars 7


Inform guests on a rustic soiree

You can place a mason jar on the table with the names of the guests as the guest’s placing. It will give a nice touch to the rustic soiree.

Stunning Mason Jars 9


Aesthetically and Functionally High

You can serve cool, refreshing drinks with innovative and creative garnishing ideas and it can serve the dual purpose of impressive looks and high utility.  

Stunning Mason Jars 9


A Jar Full of goodies

You can also fill the jar with cookies or candies and place it as a centerpiece on the table imparting a beautiful look.

Stunning Mason Jars 10 

Mason Jars are a lovely piece of utility item that is now being transformed by creative wedding planners into a stupendous wedding decoration element. Try these well-curated ideas in your wedding and add a rustic cheer to the whole “do.”


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